How To Register Birth and Obtain Certificate In Austria

How To Register Birth and Obtain Certificate In Austria

  1. If the birth occurred in a hospital setting, registration is generally done in a way that is automatic. The required documents to issue the birth certificate first must be provided to the office of the registrar. Contact hospital officials to find out how they can assist you to complete the registration.
  2. If the birth took place at home, it would be the doctor or midwife who fills out the birth certificate form. This will later be handed over to the registry office. This can be done when your registry is located in the same location in which the baby was born.
  3. Following registration the Registry office issues a birth certificate as well as a registration forms. If the child is of Austrian citizenship and whose primary residence is located in Austria officials will be issue the Certificate of Citizenship.

Documents Required Register Birth and Obtain Certificate

For Parents of Married Children

  • Birth certificates from the parents of the child.
  • The marriage certificate of the parents who are the children’s
  • The proof of citizenship of the parent of the child
    • Evidence of citizenship
    • For foreign nation residents: Passport or National identity card
  • A confirmation from both parents
  • It could be evidence of academic credentials of the parents of the child.
  • A declaration on the Vornamensgebung (if you’ve already made a decision on a name for your first child)
  • It could be a way to prove paternity.
  • “Notice of the birth” in the event that the birth wasn’t of the head or head of the hospital

For Divorced, Single, or Widowed Parents

  • Birth certificate of the mother of the child.
  • The proof of citizenship or child
    • Evidence of citizenship
    • For foreign nation residents: Passport or National identity card
  • Confirmation via the maternal figure of the infant
  • The divorce decree or the decision may be issued that confirms the legality of the divorce decree (this is available at the court of divorce) or marriage certificates of the most recent marriage , and death certificate of the spouse
  • Possibly partnership deed
  • Perhaps evidence of academic qualifications the mother of the child
  • A declaration on the Vornamensgebung (if you already have a decision on a name for your first child)
  • It could be a way to prove paternity.
  • “Notice about the baby’s birth” in the event that the birth did not occur on the head or head of the hospital
  • If required, notice of the change in name
  • A special power of attorney issued by the hospital will allow the father of the child who is not legally a legitimate person to carry out the verification.


  • All documents in foreign languages must be provided in the original with a certified translation to Austria.
  • If certified translations from other states are accepted according to the rules of procedure applicable to them. To recognize the documents, for instance an Apostille might be required. Further information is available on the official website that is maintained by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs or contact your Registrar of choice.
  • Documents in foreign languages must be submitted in the original together with a verified translation. The translation should be performed by certified court-certified interpreters or translators. The list of Austria in court-certified interpreters and interpreters can be found on the official website that is maintained by the Federal Ministry of Justice. This list can also be interpreters / interpreter from other EU – / EEA Member States to register:!OpenForm

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Office

To search for a registry office:

Statutory Cities:

To search for Registry Offices in Municipalities:

The Vienna Registry Offices

20. Dresdner Strae 20, Dresdner Strae

Phone: +43 1 4000-35089

Fax: +43 1 4000-99-35070

E-mail :

What Are All The Eligibility

The person to complete this registration form

  • The head or director of the hospital where the baby was born
  • The doctor or physician and the midwife who were present during the birth
  • The mother or father is the parent, provided they’re competent
  • The authority or police agency is the police agency that conducts the investigation regarding the date of birth.
  • Others who know of their birth date based on their own experience


Birth Registration Free

Issue of a birth certificate Free

The first document of citizenship Free


  • Beginning January 1, 2008 applications for and issuance of birth certificate/international birth certificate that are caused directly by the birth of a child, unless it is issued within two years from the birth of the child, are free of charge (does not apply for requesting duplicate copy due to loss or theft ). For more details, contact the registry office with the Registry office.


The registration must be completed within one week after the baby was born. the hospital staff can assist in filling out the application. If you’re still undecided on the name you’ll use for your child, it is possible to declare the birth at the last minute, within one month.

In the event of a declaration or election of either the initial name, or name given to a newborn upon birth outside of wedlock, parents have the right for the name of the woman of unlegitimate birth under the law. It is essential to state in writing the first name or first name was handed to the child or were. Names that aren’t commonly used as a name for a child or that are harmful to the well-being of the child might not be recognized as registered. At a minimum, the initial name must be matched to with the parent’s gender. If it’s an unusual, contact the office of the registrar.

If a child is legitimate or not depends on the birth date. If, for instance, the mother had a wedding ceremony on the date prior to the birth, the baby was born in a union. If the mother is married, it is usually assumed that the husband is the father and is listed on the birth certificate.

If the child was born outside of wedlock, or if the conditions of birth are not clear ( such as, for instance that the husband isn’t the father) the father who is biological is able to be the father only be the father if there are the following requirements listed to the child’s birth certificate

  • When he signs a qualified acknowledgment of paternity with approval of the youth office in the place where the primary residence is (this kind recognition of paternity Kenntnisses is only available to children of Austrian nationality) or
  • It was ruled out through a final court decision.

Competent Authority

The office of civil status where the child must be registered would be based on the location of birth ( such as the where the hospital is located):

  • Registry office, or association of the registrar’s office of the community
  • In statutory cities: the Registry Office of the Municipality
  • In Vienna The Registry office is located in Vienna

The Document is required Register Birth and Obtain Certificate

A Birth Certificate includes the name and gender of a person, as well as the date and location of birth. It’s issued following the registration of the birth of your baby and can be obtained at the Registry Office.

You require a birth certificate to prove your personal information frequently used as documentary necessity.

Information that can be useful

If you require a second birth certificate ( for example, duplicate in case of loss or stolen, or a multilingual birth certificate) It is possible to apply for the issuance for a birth certificate birth certificate with international location.

The authority to issue birth certificates are for:

  • The persons who are the subject of the record or any other person who’s civil status is affected by this entry
  • Individuals who have an legal claim to acceptance of the registration, except that an overriding legitimate reason for the person referred to in the registration, are not eligible to register.
  • Public authorities and institutions to enforce the laws
  • People who have the power of attorney required to this effect in the original, signed by the owner or holder of the birth certificate, or any other document

External Links

  • Personal Status Law
  • Persons Status Ordinance
  • Austrian Government Portal

How To Register Birth and Obtain Certificate In Austria
How To Register Birth and Obtain Certificate In Austria

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