How to Register Death In Iran

Register Death In Iran By Online

  • In order to record the death of a loved one and get a Death Certificates, you have to submit a notice with Civil Register Departments in the office hours.
  • Submit an application it with the other necessary documents. If there is no death’s identification card it is compulsory to submit documents that prove his or her identity. If this is the case the death will be recorded and the death certificate issued after the execution of the administrative formalities.
  • If all required documents are completed the death will be recorded with the appropriate authorities. The death certificate issued on the same date.

If you are outside Iran:

  • Use the link that is listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Iranian Embassy in the country where you’re currently living in. If you contact the Embassy to inquire about documents they will require you to present to verify the death of a person.
  • Complete your application and submit all necessary papers to the consular service department at the Embassy.

Required Documents For Register Death

Essential Documents to be used for registration of death

  • The ID card of the deceased (booklet) as well as the National Identification Card (if there is one available).
  • The death certificate is issued by the physician concerned hospital or official of cemetery or two witnesses in the civil registry office. They must show their identification cards.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Organization for Civil RegistrationTel : (+9821)66707131-9
Fax: (+9821)66709333
Relations with the International Community: (+9821)66746460
Public Relations (+9821)66709666
Address: No 184, Imam Khomeini Street, Tehran, Iran

IRAN’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamic Republic of IRAN
Address: Imam Khomeini Avenue, Tehran,Iran

Iranian Missions Addresses


The qualified person who is able to inform the event of death and get a death certificates:

  • The closest relatives of the deceased or any other person present at the time of the death. They must present their identification document.
  • Police officers, officials proprietors, owners or even the proprietor of the premises at the time of the death.
  • Cemetery officials.
  • Military and Judicial authorities

Relief workers

Processing Time

Once you have submitted all the required documents the application will be processed as soon as possible as well as the certificate of death will be issued the following day.


Article 22 of the NOCR Law:

  • Death of a individual, Iranian or from a country other than Iran is required to be registered at the Registry Office.
  • For Iranian nationals who have died in a foreign country, notices of their death should be sent at the Iranian Consulate Affairs office in the country where the resident is residing or, if there is no such place the notification should be sent directly to the closest Iranian Embassy.

Death Notification

The death notice has to be filed within 10 days of the date of the incident.

Documentation is needed

This document provides you with the information you need to register your death with the National Organization for Civil Registration.

Information that could be helpful

Concepts and Definitions:

    • Death Document: It is an official document where the death events are recorded for the deceased , and upon which a death certificates will be issued.

The Death Certificate is a type of death certificate, which is the same as a summary of the death transcript. It was drawn up and then issued according to the content mentioned on the death certificate.

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Ministry of Interior – National Organization for Civil Registration



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