How to Replace Damaged Passport In Iran

Replace Damaged Passport In Iran By Online

  • You’ll have to fill out an application form to apply for an additional passport. Complete all the required sections.
  • Send the completed form at the Passport Office together with your passport-sized photos that must be taken less than six months ago, as well as any other necessary documents. Note: The applicant should ensure that they include their personal information on the reverse of the passport photo.[]
  • The application fees must be paid.

If you are outside Iran:

Use the link that is listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Iranian Embassy in the country where that you’re currently in. If you contact the Embassy and ask for information on whether you’ll need an official police report prior to you are able to apply for a new passport. You may inquire about what other documents they will require you to bring when you apply for the process. Send your application along with all the necessary papers to the consular services section in the Embassy.

Required Documents For Replace Damaged Passport

  • Two (2) Completed copies of the application form [ 101 ] to issue the first Passport.
  • Original passport copy together with a brief explanation of the cause and the severity of the damage to it. (In Farsi)
  • Original Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname) and photocopies of the entire page in the Birth Certificate (This document must include an ID photo for people over 15 years old.
  • Original copy of the card (front and back) and a photocopy.
  • Four passport photographs of 3x4cm that were taken in the last six months (Including the full face with a front view, clear eyes, and a white background, and without head scarf, glasses, or hat scarfs). As per the regulations of the IRI female applicants must wear head scarfs. Note: Applicants should be sure to write their personal information on the reverse of the passport photo.[]
  • Two (2) completed copies of the form [ 103 ) for the change of location of residence, as well as issuing multiple exiting permits.
  • Copy of original and photocopy of certificate that demonstrates Completion or Exemption from Military Services or exempt from Service(only for Iranians who reside in a foreign country on page 8 of their passport) or filling out Form [104 that allows permission to leave the country once per year(for those who have to perform Military service as well as individuals born post 1338 (1959) who haven’t completed their service but do not have any exemptions and who have quit the country prior to the 29th day of Esfand 1382 (March 2003) and for a period for 2 years. )
  • The Birth Certificate in the original form (Shenasname) of any companions included within the passport (only If there were any) and two photocopies of all pages of the Certificate.


To be able to have companions (i.e. spouse or kids) to be included on the passport The necessary documents are:

  • Completed application form [111] to apply to be used for the company of parents and the spouse the applicant. The application form has to be completed by the husband and to have the wife’s company or through the father to have the children of his wife accompanying them in his passport or from the parent’s mother, and signed by the undersigned.
  • Original copy of the birth certificate of the people traveling with the traveler, as well as the photocopy of all page of the document.
  • Two (2) passport photographs of 3x4cm that were taken in the last six months, (Including the full face and front view, as well as eyes open, and a simple white background and without glasses, hats or neck scarfs). As per the rules of the IRI female applicants must wear head scarfs. The applicant should be sure to write their personal information on the reverse of the passport photo.The IRI has regulations that require applicants to wear head scarves.
  • Photocopies of the residence authorization card (front and back) or the photocopy of your passport.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamic Republic of IRANAddress: Imam Khomeini Avenue, Tehran,Iran

Iranian Missions Addresses

The Document is required

This guideline provides the information you need to repair a stolen or lost identity card issued by Government of Iran.

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