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  1. The death certificate will be issued by the hospital in which the deceased passed away. The attending physician is the person who signs the certificate.
  2. After the death certificate is issued, the closest relatives of the deceased should make sure that the certificate of death is delivered to the district court as well as the police department (sheriff) within the township in which the person who died resided. Funeral directors are also usually assists with the registration process.
  3. The district court is the one to notify to the National Registry of the death:
    1. A child who passes away within the womb of their mother (stillborn following at 28 weeks of pregnancy) will be recorded in a separate register of stillborn babies within the National Registry. The registration process is based in accordance with an announcement from an hospital’s staff to Tax Administration. The child won’t be given an ID number that is national.
    2. children who pass away instantly following birth. After birth, the Tax Administration will process the registration following receipt of the birth notice from the hospital in which the baby was born. In the case of death registration itself it must be done according to the standard procedure and based on the notice from the district court or local police (sheriff).
    3. If an Norwegian citizen dies in another country If the citizen of Norway dies in another country when they die abroad, it is the Norwegian foreign service office in the country where the deceased person was killed is the one who will send their death certificates to Directorate of Taxes. When the certificate is received, the death will be recorded in the Norwegian Registry.If you were registered for the death as residents of Norway and Norway was the country of residence, the Directorate of Taxes will send the death certificate to the district court in which the deceased was registered as a resident.

Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Offices

Telephone 800 80 000. For callers from outside the country, please dial the number: +47 2207 70 01.
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Note: Calls up to 80080000 from a landline in Norway are absolutely free. For mobiles and International calls, you rate of subscription applies.

Norwegian Embassies


  • closest relative of the deceased

Documentation is needed

Death certificates are a type of medical certificate regarding deaths. The certificate includes the first and surname of the deceased and date of birth. It also includes the gender that the person who died, the date and the place of death as well as the registration number and the date of the issue.

A duplicate of the death certificate is typically required to be provided in the following situations:

  • Life insurance claims;
  • Pensions claimants
  • settling estates

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