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Voters within Norway:

  • If you registered as an habitant of a municipality as of the 30th of June in the year of elections and you are eligible to vote your name will be automatically registered into the electoral register.
  • If you’ve moved to another municipality following 30 June, you’re still on the electoral register, and you have an opportunity to cast your vote within the city that you relocated from.

Voters who live outside of the country:

  • If you are a resident of another country and you have been recorded on the National Population Register as resident in Norway at some point within the last decade, then your information will be immediately registered in the electoral register for the municipality in which you were declared a resident when you relocated from Norway.
  • If you have not been registered as a resident of Norway in the past 10 years, you need to apply for registration on the register of electoral registration. The application must be submitted to the municipality in which you were registered last as a resident.
  • Apply by filling out the cover envelope that is used to apply for advanced voting in other countries. It is also possible to submit a request by writing an application letter. The application to be added to the electoral register must include an affirmation that you are an Norwegian citizen.
  • The application must be accepted by the electoral committee within the municipality where you last registered on the National Population Register as resident 14 September, 21.00 hours in order to be considered.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Department of Local GovernmentDirector General’s Office
Call +47 22 24 72 01


The following persons are eligible to vote in Municipal and County Council elections:

  • Norwegian nationals who were aged 18 at the end of the year 2015 are or have at one point in time beenregistered with the Population Registry as resident of Norway.
  • Nationals from another Nordic country who were 18 years old at the year’s end and who were registered with the Population Registry as resident in Norway not later than June 2015.
  • Others who are not Norwegian nationals and who were over 18 at the close of 2015 and are registered with the Population Registry as resident in Norway all the time during the three years prior to Election Day.

Norwegian public servants employed by the diplomatic corps , or consular service as well as members of their households are eligible to vote, even if they don’t meet the residence requirement. If they’ve not been registered as a resident of Norway They will be registered as electors in the Oslo municipality.

Trial that gives you the right to vote for 16-year-olds within twenty municipalities

Here is a list municipalities that allow teenagers aged 16 and 17 (born around 1999 and earlier) for voting in Municipal Government election if they satisfy the other criteria listed previously: Austevoll, Eid, Gausdal, Hamar, Horten, H, Kautokeino, Klbu, Kristiansund, Lillesand, Luster, Mandal, Marker, Mlselv, Namdalseid, Oppegrd, Porsgrunn, Stavanger, Tysfjord and Vads.


The Department of Local Government under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation is responsible for the overall management of local and national elections for the government.

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A electoral roll is a listing of names of individuals who have the right to vote in the municipality. In order to be eligible to vote, your name has to be listed on the electoral register.

This guideline provides details on the process of voter registration.

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