How To Register Divorce (Certificate of Divorce) In Armenia

How To Register Divorce (Certificate of Divorce) In Armenia

  1. The process of filing divorce must be completed through the Registry Office. Registry Office, divorce can also be obtained by court decision.
  2. In order to register divorceproceedings, the spouses has to give the REGISTRY body the joint declaration. If one spouse does not have the opportunity to personally be part of the REGISTRY OFFERICE for submission of the joint declaration the declaration of will of the spouses must be provided in distinct announcements about divorce. The spouse’s signature in the same announcement needs to be authenticated by an order of notarial or another authenticated by notarial action.
  3. Before the divorce is registered, the spouse , they have the right to deny the declaration for divorce.
  4. When a judge decrees divorce, the order, marriage is considered to be terminated at the time of entry into effect of the judgment.
  5. Divorce must be registered with the state authorities both when there is divorce by judicial order as well as when divorce is filed with a the REGISTRY OFICE body.

Other Info

  • The registration of divorce and the granting to each spouse of the divorce certificate begins on when you file an request for divorce with REGISTRY the OFFICE body within one month, but not more than three months.
  • If divorce is a result of the form of a judicial decree, filing for divorce is done following the entry in valid of a judgmenton the day of the filing of the an application with the REGISTRY OFFICE body.

Documents Required Register Divorce (Certificate of Divorce)

  • The document that proves the identity.
  • Marriage certificate (in in the absence of).
  • The joint declaration of spouses for divorce execution at the REGISTRY OFICE and in the presence the spouses’ mutual consent.
  • The declaration of one spouse, in the event that the second spouse is recognized by the court, cannot be known as to be incapacitated or absent, or is condemned at end of a term that is not less than 3 years.
  • The spouse’s statement and the decree that has been declared valid in the event of divorce, an order of the court.

Office Locations and Contacts

It is possible to contact your local Registry Office or a lawyer who will be able to assist you. In addition, below are the details on Ministry of Justice which could assist.

Ministry of Justice+374 10 35-83-99

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The spouse is not entitled to, absent the agreement of the wife to file a statement of divorce while pregnant.

Divorce is only made by a court order in the following situations:

  • There is no agreement regarding divorce of one spouse.
  • One spouse even though there are no comments, is not in accordance with the divorce registration process in the state at the REGISTRY OFFERICE.
  • Spouses, in accordance with their joint declaration, would like dissolve a union through an order of the court.


Following are the main reasons why divorces can be recorded:

  • It is recognized as a court however it is unclear who is absence of.
  • It is regarded as being the court incapacitated.
  • It’s sentenced to jail for at least three years.

Note : In the above cases, marriage ends at the time that the state registers the divorce by the REGISTRY OFFICE.

Registration in the event of temporary residence
The official registration of divorce is performed through one of these organizations of the REGISTRY OFFERICE:

  • In a cohabitation place of spouses
  • The place of the residence of one spouse
  • REGISTRY OFFICE body at an area of marriage registration in the state of

The registration of divorce for citizens who have no permanent residence is done by the REGISTRY OFICE body at the place of temporary residence. In this situation, the individual is required to provide the proof of residence from their temporary residence provided by the competent authorities.

Additional Information
The registration of divorce by the state between spouses, all obligations associated to the matrimonial relationship cease. The spouse who has changed his or her surname in the time of the marriage’s state registration with the appropriate the status of an ambassador for divorce, is entitled to retain the surname or receive the premarital surname.

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