How to Register Early Childhood Institution In Jamaica

Register Early Childhood Institution In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. A child care facility that provides early childhood services (ECI) for children younger than six years old, is an institution that takes in four or more children. It can be open for six hours per day. To register as an ECI, you must apply to the Early Childhood Commission. Link
  2. Once you have established an ECI establishment, you can obtain the ECA registration form from the ECC’s Office and a list of required documents. The application form can be downloaded directly from this link: Link
  3. Completion of the application form accurately and attachments of all supporting documents
  4. Next, visit the ECC or its resource centre to get the registration fees voucher. Then, visit any National Commercial Bank and pay the registration fee and receive the payment receipt
  5. After payment, submit your complete application to the ECC office at the service center. You will receive an acknowledgment receipt for the application
  6. The commission will review your application. If they need additional information or documents, they will contact the applicant to discuss the matter. Once the application documents are certified by the commission, they will move on to the next step.
  7. Within seven days of receiving your application and assessing it, the commission will send a duplicate to the inspectorate division of the ECC
  8. The Inspectorate division will then assign an inspector to contact you for an inspection of the ECI premisses. This will take place within 15 days after the ECC received your application.
  9. After visiting the ECI premises, the inspector will conduct an inspection of the building and interview the subject. The inspector will then complete the inspection report and submit it the commission.
  10. If your ECI is found to be in good condition, but still needs improvement, the commission will issue a Permit to Operate for a specified period of time based on the inspector’s recommendations.
  11. If the ECI report is positive, the commission will issue a registration certificate. It is important to note that the commission will close any institution deemed harmful to the welfare or children’s welfare.
  12. After you have met all the inspection recommendations, inspectors will inspect the institute again. If the results prove that you meet the standards, the commission will issue a certificate.

Required Documents For Register Early Childhood Institution

  • You must provide proof of payment for the registration fee
  • Please complete the application form
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Refer to any one of the following.
    • A Justice of the Peace
    • A minister of religion
    • An attorney-at-law
    • The Chairman of the Board of Management or the Principal of an Educational Institution
    • An ex-employer of the applicant
    • A Resident Magistrate and a Judge of The Supreme Court
    • An officer in police who is above the rank Inspector
  • A report from Jamaica Fire Brigade stating that your establishment has been inspected and meets all fire standards.
  • A Public Health Department report stating that your institution was inspected and in compliance with the Public Health Act.
  • You and your employees must receive a copy of the following:
    • A registered physician will issue a certificate of good health.
    • Permit for food handlers
    • Police records
    • Copie of the qualification certificate/proof of training
    • Verification of training in these areas: Pediatric First Aid, the use of Universal Precautions to prevent bloodborne illness; child abuse detection; Referral Mechanism and reporting requirements under the Child Care and Protection Act
  • Each employee’s name and job description, along with a copy the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Information about the proposed or existing premises:
    • Each building’s floor plan
    • Description of the structure
    • Here’s a list of furniture and other equipment
    • Other details that may be required
    • Proposed funding sources and fees to be paid.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Early Childhood CommissionAddress 44-49 Kingston Mall 8-10 Ocean Boulevard
Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 922-9296-7
Fax: (876) 922-9295
Contact details: Link


  • ECI registration is open to individuals and companies.


  • $1500 payable to the National Commercial Bank (NCB).


  • The registration is valid for five year

Documents for Use

  • Application form:Link

Examples of documents

Processing Time

  • Within one month, the application will be processed


  • A nursery, center, or home that offers daycare, basic school, kindergartens, preschools and infant schools is an Early Childhood Institution (ECI).

Requirements Information

  • Demographics
  • Nature of the application
  • Information for staff
  • Service for Early Childhood
  • Legal requirements

You will need the document

  • The Early Childhood Commission certifies that the ECI has been registered and is able to provide basic education as well as caring services.

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