How to Renew Security Guard Licence

Renew Security Guard Licence By Yourself

  1. You can renew your security guard license as an individual by visiting the Private Security Regulation Authority office (PSRA). This link will take you to the Link contact information for the PSRA office.
  2. You can either pick up the renewal application form at the PSRA office in the reception, or you can download it directly from their website at this link: Link (Form2) Note: Form 2A can also be used for renewals: Link
  3. Fill out the application form 2 according to the instructions. You must fill in the appropriate fields as the form can be used to renew or make new applications. If you are using form 2, don’t sign it.
  4. Attach all supporting documents to your application.
  5. Pay the renewal fee at the PSAR office, and get the payment receipt.
  6. Send the completed application to the receptionist. They will verify it and forward it on for processing.
  7. After payment has been processed, you will receive your registration license.

Required Documents For Renew Security Guard Licence

  • Completed Application Form 2 (or form 2A)
  • Expired Registration Cards
  • If you are married and using your married name, you will need a Marriage Certificate (Certified Copy).
  • If there is a name change, you can deed poll.
  • A Transfer Form must be completed if you have moved companies.
  • You should also bring a letter from the company if you have been previously employed by the company.
  • In the event that the registration card is lost, a police report must be filed along with two photographs and the required fee.


  • All relevant documents, such as original birth certificate, TRN, NIS or National Identification Card, Passport, or Driver’s license, should be submitted now.
  • Applicants who have not renewed their Registration/Licenses for two years and over will be required to submit a new Finger Print Report no more than six (6) months old, and payment of all accumulated fees.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Private Security Regulation Authority12 Ocean Boulevard 6th Floor
Office Centre Building Kingston Mall
Phone: (876)967-2522-6
Fax: (876)967-2478
Hours of Operation
7:15 am – 4:30 pm Mondays – Thursdays
Fridays, 7:15 am – 3:30 pm
Contact details: Link
Website: Link


  • A security guard license is in danger of expiring or about to expire


Private Security Guard Transactions

  • Register each armed guard for $2,500
  • Register each unarmed security guard $1,200
  • Register for each Security Instructor: $5,000
  • Register for Private Investigators: $5,000
  • Replacement of a lost registration card: $1,000
  • Late renewals for Security Trainers or Private Investigators within sixty (60) calendar days of expiration of previous registration cards: $1,500
  • Late renewals of registration cards for Armed and Unarmed security guards are permitted sixty (60) calendar days after expiration date (per annum): $1,000
  • Transfer of Private Security Guards from one company to the other: $1,000
  • Registering Company Directors, Personal Body Guards, Security Managers, Private Security Technicians, Private Security Coordinators, Private Security Consultants and the Deregistration of Closed Companies: $5,000

Documents for Use

  • Form 2:
  • Renewal Application Form 2A: Link

Requirements Information

  • Personal information of the applicant
  • Name of employer (company) and address
  • Date for renewal
  • Register Number

You will need the document

  • Your registration license shows that you have been certified and are allowed to work as a security guard in Jamaica

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