How to Register Firearms In Niue

Register Firearms In Niue By Yourself

  1. Visit the Police office to register your firearms through The Arms officer.
  2. An Arms Officer is assigned to be conducting an inspection of your firearms.
  3. Make sure you pay the registration fee.
  4. Get an official Certificate of Registration.

Office Locations and Contacts

PoliceChief of Police: Mr. Ross ARDEN
Contact: PO Box 69, Alofi, NIUE
Telecommunications (683) 4333
Facsimile (683) 4230


Age must be 18 or older.


  • Certificate to register firearms the first time $30
  • Annual license for $15


Each Certificate of Registration will expire by the 30th June following the date of issue date and can be renewed upon application to a constable upon payment of the fee prescribed.


If any person authorized to own any firearm is of his opinion, by an Arms Official, the firearm is dangerous the Arms Officer has the right to send a notice in writing with his signature, deactivate the registration certificate and the person registered is required to give the certificate to any constable.

Required Document  For Register Firearms

In Niue there is no law that states that a person is permitted to possess any firearm for greater than 28 days, without being legally registered as the owner of the firearm.

Here are the steps for registering guns in Niue.

Information that can be useful

  • The Building Inspector could suspend a permit if
    • The Code’s provisions Code is not observed to; or
    • The requirements of the permit are not being followed either
    • The conditions that are stated in the requisition haven’t been met within the time frame specified in the requisition or
    • He is blocked by the owner of the building, or his agents , servants, employees or workmen or the person who is responsible for his building’s construction from being able to determine if the requirements that are in the Code or permit are being followed.
  • Each permit that is suspended pursuant to subsection (1) is suspended until the time
    • The person accountable for the construction of the building makes sure that the construction to conform to any requisition, or the requirements in the Code or permit, or
    • The building inspector is able to assess whether the provisions in the Code or permit are being followed and this decision was made.
    • When a permit has been suspended, no one shall during the time that the permit is suspended, commence or permit to be carried out any additional construction on the structure that the permit pertains to beyond the work that is required to bring the building to conform to the requisition, Code or permit.
  • Any person who is in violation of paragraph (3) is guilty of an offence , and upon conviction is liable for an amount not exceeding five penalty units.

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