How to Register to Vote In Niue

Register to Vote In Niue By Online

  1. Visit visit the Office of Niue Election Commission.
  2. Fill in this form Application to Register as an the elector.
  3. Complete the form.


  • The legal age to vote is 18 years old.
  • The person voting at least an New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Niue.
  • The voter must be normally living in Niue for the period of 12 months prior to an election, and be a resident of Niue at one time or another for more than three consecutive years. The voter cannot be a resident of another country for longer than three years, unless they were a student or working for Niue’s Government. Niue.

NOTE:To be ordinarily resident in Niue:

  • He or she actually resident in Niue or has been actually residing there for a while, or having been resident in Niue and with the intent of staying there forever, they are out of Niue but has always had since leaving Niue plans to return and stay there for the duration of his life.

Documents to Utilize

Application to register as an elector


The Registrar, who is chosen for each constituency is responsible for the voter registration.

Need to have the Document

Voter registration is the procedure through which citizens and residents of some democratic countries are registered to be allowed and authorized to vote in elections.

Here are the steps for the process of registering the right to vote for Niue.

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