How to Register for Bio-Medical Waste In India

Register for Bio-Medical Waste In India By Yourself

  • To apply for the Bio-Medical Waste Permit to a the individual, the representative of the concerned institution or Health Care Establishment has to visit the regional office for the Pollution Control Committee.
  • Stop by the Regional Office and get the Application Form for BW Permit. You can also click the link below to download the application form. Link
  • Fill in the application with the essential details and information and then attest it by signing the applicant’s name.
  • Check to see if you possess all of the documentation listed in the “Required documents” section on this page. Attach all of the documents important to you listed.
  • Then, the application should be then submitted for review by an District Environmental Engineer who will take the application along with the associated documents through a rigorous examination to determine if there’s any issue.
  • If any issues are found, the application is returned to the business. The industry must submit the application again or provide the proper explanation of the issue.
  • The amended application has been being sent for the Inspection of Site and examined by the appropriate official.
  • If an inspection uncovers inaccuracy The DEE must return the application and request the accurate details.
  • After all details are deemed adequate and sufficient by the Engineer concerned After that, the Inspection Report will be sent.

Following further processing an original copy of the authorized authorization order will be sent to the person who signed it. Authorization order will be sent within a day after approval to the person who submitted the application

Required Documents For Register for Bio-Medical Waste

  • Letter of Requisition
  • List of raw materials and the details about their quality
  • List of products and their Quality information
  • Description of the manufacturing process flow
  • Facility for treatment, storage and disposal agreement
  • The most recent copy of Consent Order or Renewal
  • Site Plan

Location Plan

  • Contingency plan
  • Copy of the Agreement with CBWTF
  • Affidavit/Self-Declaration for Bed Capacity
  • Affidavit Self Declaration for Ownership
  • Self Declaration to Liquid Waste Treatment
  • Compliance Report of previous Authorization(in the event of renewal)
  • The manifests of the lifting of garbage
  • Copy of the prior Annual Report (in case of renewal)

Office Locations and Contacts

Delhi Pollution Control Committee 6th floor C wing
Delhi Secretariat, I P Estate,
Delhi – 110002.
For more contact information Contact us. Link


  • Hospitals/Health Care Facilities must apply for BMW Authorization just after they have received the consent/renewal order.
  • The owner should be able to provide adequate and safe facilities with adequate ventilation and a separate storage space for biomedical waste.
  • The person proposing the project must be aware of the legislation that was amended to regulate managing Bio-Medical Wastes.


According to the requirements of the Rules The validity of the Biomedical Waste Authorization that is issued for placed HCF (Hospital) along with the the Operator of the common Facility will be in sync to the validity of consent documents granted to HCF (Hospital) or Common Facility. HCF(Hospital) and Common Facility.


  • It must be confirmed that applicants haven’t completed applications (either consent or HWA or BWA) with multiple User ID for the location of their industry.
  • The occupier should treat microbiological waste, laboratory waste blood samples, blood samples, and blood bags with sterilization or disinfection on site according to the method as outlined according to guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) or National AIDs Control Organisation (NACO) guidelines. These samples are then taken to the standard bio-medical waste treatment facilities for final removal.
  • The occupier should phase out the use of plastic bags containing chlorinated as well as blood bags, gloves and gloves within two years of the date when they are notified of these rules.

The Information You Need

  • Industrial Address
  • The address of the Occupier
  • Date of Commissioning of Industry
  • Information on the industry’s revenue
  • The email address and mobile number

Documentation is needed

The approval of Bio-Medical Wastes is crucial for managing the bio-medical wastes which are emitted from Health facilities with the approval by the pollution control authorities.

Information that could be helpful

  • The owner must make all the necessary steps to ensure that bio-medical waste gathered from the person in charge is moved and stored, handled and treated before being disposed of with no adverse impact on human health or the environment in line to these guidelines and rules that are issued from the Central Government or, as the case may be the central pollutant control body as and when needed.
  • The administrator shall set up bar-coding and a global positioning system for the handling of bio-medical waste within a year.
  • The person who operates this common waste management facility must assure the collection of biomedical waste on weekends too.



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