How to Register for Municipal Solid Waste In India

Register for Municipal Solid Waste In India By Yourself

  • To sign up for Municipal Solid Wastes in person the applicant must visit the regional Office at the Pollution Control Committee.
  • Check out the Regional Office and get the Application Form to dispose of Municipal Solid Waste or refer to the “Documents to utilize” section on this page.
  • Fill in the application with details and information that are in line to your requirements and what is required. It should then be endorsed by the signature of the applicant.
  • Be sure to are armed with all documents listed in the “Required documents” section on this page. Attach all of the documents important to you listed.
  • Then, the application should be delivered to the Regional office for the Pollution Control Committee which will be sent to the responsible officials. They will then review the application and the documents attached in case there is a problem.
  • When all the provided details are deemed adequate to satisfy an Engineer or officer in charge the report is sent for review by Board within 24 hours. Board in 24 hours, without failing.

Following further processing after further processing, the original copy of the authorized Authorization order will be sent by the Board within a week of the approval, to the applicant.

Required Documents For Register for Municipal Solid Waste

  • Copy of clearance from Site (local body)
  • Application form completed
  • Layout of site map
  • Alienation of land
  • A detailed report on the project
  • Environmental Clearance proof copy
  • Consent for the copy of the contract
  • Copy of agreement between municipal authority and the operating agency
  • A copy of the document that documents Investment for the Project along with the anticipated return

Office Locations and Contacts

Delhi Pollution Control Committee,6th floor C wing
Delhi Secretariat, I P Estate,
Delhi – 110002
Website Link


  • Industries that apply seeking Municipal Solid Waste Authorization should be able to show a valid Consent for Establishment or Renewal of Consent Order.
  • The Occupier who is applying for the permit should be knowledgeable of the selection criteria for processing Solid Waste.
  • The owner must be aware of the legislation that has been amended regarding the Management of Solid Wastes.


The fees structure as well as specific information regarding the charges for application approval can be obtained from Board Personnel.


The validity of the Authorization granted pursuant to the above-mentioned act must be in sync with the concerned consent.

Documents to Utilize

The application form to obtain Municipal Solid Waste authorization can be found on page number 72 of the following document Link

Processing Time

SPCC as well as SPCB issues the authority within a time frame of sixty days , in Formula II form to the person who is applying or occupierupon receiving all the relevant information in the application.


  • SPCC or SPCB can suspend or cancel the authorization at any point at any time, if the local authority or the operator of the facility fails to run the facility according to the guidelines set forth.
  • The local body will be informed prior to cancellation of the authorization.
  • It is essential to ensure that applicants haven’t made applications in the past for Municipal Solid Waste authorization using more than one User Id for the location of the industry.
  • Any unauthorised change to equipment, personnel or working conditions that are not stated in the application form by the person who has been authorized to do so will be an infraction of his authorization.

Requirements Information

  • Information about the business
  • Contact Information and address of the occupier
  • Capital and investment details
  • Date of commissioning

The Document is required

The authorization to dispose of Municipal Solid Wastes is essential to ensure the proper Management of Solid Wastes with approval of Pollution Control Board authorities. Pollution Control Board authorities.

Information that could be helpful

Apply for renewal of authorization at the least sixty days prior to the expiration of the authorization’s validity.



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