How To Register of Gabonese Abroad In Gabon

How To Register of Gabonese Abroad In Gabon

Application Procedure:

  • It is recommended to visit the closest Gabon Embassy or Consult Office in person and discuss your interests.
  • Fill in the form for consular card requests that can be obtained at the consulate/embassy office.
  • Send the completed form together with documents supporting it (listed under the “Required Documents” section) to verify and process.
  • Information provided on this application is entered in the embassy’s database on computers and you will receive the card for consultation.


Some embassy offer online registration. Go to the Gabon Embassy website of the country you are staying in and sign up if it is available.

Documents Required Register of Gabonese Abroad

  • Identification document (Gabonese ID card/passport)
  • 2 photos of the same person
  • Other document(s)that could be required by the authorities

Office Locations and Contacts

Gabon consulate and embassy in the world: Web

How To Register of Gabonese Abroad In Gabon
How To Register of Gabonese Abroad In Gabon

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Djibouti citizen living overseas countries for either a short or long stay duration


  • There are no fees related to the service.


The registration is valid in the event that you remain in the specific foreign country

Processing Time

After receiving your request from the consulate or embassy

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • The applicant’s gender, age, and year of birth. applicant
  • Address of residence in the foreign country
  • Email address or postal address
  • Number for phone
  • Occupation
  • Stay duration
  • Contacts for emergency assistance in Gabon

Documentation is needed

  • It is suggested to all Gabonese traveling abroad, whether on a long-term or short-term basis, sign up at the closest Gabon Mission abroad. This is crucial in the event an emergency, you will be in the first to know about any announcements or events. If you want to apply for extended consular services.



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