How to Register Pesticides from the Pesticides Control Authority In Jamaica

Register Pesticides from the Pesticides Control Authority In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. The Pesticide Control Authority (PCA) is the place to go to register a pesticide for Jamaica. You can view the contact information for the PCA via this link: Link
  2. You can obtain the registration form for pesticide registration from the PCA office.
  3. To obtain the checklist to register a pesticide, contact the PCA. The checklist will be used for verification of the application
  4. Completion of the application form should be done correctly. All supporting documents must be prepared according to the PCA’s checklist. Notice that application dossiers must be submitted in three copies and bound in hardcover binder. For easy reference, the Dossiers must be properly indexed.
  5. For processing, visit the PCA’s Office and send your entire application to the registrar’s Office
  6. The registrar will review your application and determine if it is complete. Please note that incomplete applications will not accepted
  7. If your application is accepted, you’ll be directed to pay the registration fee at the ministry of Health Cashier and receive the payment receipt.
  8. For filling, take the payment receipt to PCA Registrar’s Office
  9. A resource person will then review your application to ensure it meets the requirements and make a recommendation to the PCA.
  10. The PCA will make a decision based on these recommendations.
  11. Once your application is approved, the PCA will contact you to inform you about the conditions of registration. Then you will receive a registration certificate for the pesticide.

Required Documents For Register Pesticides

  • Fill in the application form and checklist to verify completeness of your application (new registration).
  • The product’s package size.
  • The product’s chemistry and composition (including the percentages of all ingredients), efficacy, toxicology and antidotes, together with any references, is detailed literature. N.B. N.B.
  • Six samples of the label that will be used with the new pesticide are available. Also, there is a sample of the packaging materials and inserts for trade packages. The label should be written in English and conform to the labeling guidelines of the PCA.
  • A certificate of analysis that contains: a) An analysis on a recently analyzed batch of product; b) The method used to analyze the product. This is only necessary if the active ingredient has not been registered.
  • A validly authenticated, legalized certificate (free sale) from the competent authorities with which the product has been registered in the country of origin. Also, the conditions under the products may be sold in that country.
  • A statement indicating: a. The countries where the product is registered for free sale other than its country of origin. b) The reasons why the product was not registered for free sale in any country.
  • A certificate in English from the manufacturer indicating the safety of the pesticide, the recommended conditions of use and the conditions under the which it is safe to be sold
  • A copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet or Product Data Sheet.
  • A statement identifying the crops and pests that will be covered. If possible, state the scientific names and dosing rate.
  • All products containing a new active ingredient require an analytical standard (on request).
  • Application fee

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Pesticides Control Authority-KingstonAddress: 50 Half Way Tree Road
Kingston 5.
Telephone: (876) 633-7769 (FLOW) (876) 754-9306 (LIME) (876) 461-2808 (DIGICEL)
Fax: (876) 631-6069

Pesticides Control Authority-Montego Bay
Address: Catherine Hall, RADA Building
Montego Bay, St. James.
Telephone: (876) 971-0054
Fax: (876) 971-6660
Contact details:Link


  • Individuals and businesses who want to register a pesticide here


  • Application fee: JMD 10000


  • The certificate is valid for 5 years

Documents for Use

  • Application form 1:Link


  • If the active ingredient is not registered, obtain a certificate of analytical.
  • Get a legalized and authenticated certificate of registration (free sales) from the competent authority.
  • Get a duplicate of the label stamped with the approval stamp of the competent authority
  • Request a statement indicating the countries where the product was registered for free sale and the countries where it has been refused.
  • Ask for a certificate in English Language from the manufacturer confirming the safety of the pesticide, the recommended conditions of use and the conditions under the sale.
  • Request a copy the Material Safety Data Sheet or Product Data Sheet
  • Request a statement indicating the crops or pests that will be covered. If applicable, provide a statement naming the crops/pests to be covered.
  • An analytical standard must be obtained (on request) for any products containing a new active ingredient.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Address of the Applicant
  • The pesticide’s Proprietary Name
  • All active ingredients are known by the common name
  • A common name for all inert ingredients
  • All active ingredients – The percentage content
  • All inert ingredients – Percentage
  • Pesticides in physical form
  • Packaging (containers, size)
  • Pesticide use proposed
  • Additional information
  • Date and signature

You will need the document

  • This certificate shows that the pesticide was legally registered as required under law

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