How to Register Trademark In Malta

Register Trademark In Malta By Online

  1. Gather all the documents you’ll have to submit or provide in order to submit your application (see the following list).
  2. Fill out an application form. A link is available under the “Documents to Use” section that you can click to download the form.
  3. The application can be submitted in person or opt to use an internet-based Trademark filing system Click Links.
  4. How to Register Trademark In Malta
    How to Register Trademark In Malta
  5. Make sure you pay all fees applicable.
  6. After the formalities have been completed, the application will then be inspected for any substantive requirements. A trademark that is not within the definition of trademarks is not registered as a trademark.
  7. If the trademark is registered the Comptroller announces the trademark registration and issues an official certificate of registration to the person who applied for the trademark.

Required Documents For Register Trademark

  • the request to register trademarks;
  • description of the products or services related to which it is hoped for registration of the mark
  • The representation of the mark
  • declaration of priority in situations in which the applicant wants to benefit from an earlier application
  • A statement of the fact that the mark is employed by the applicant or his consent, with respect to the goods or services or services, or that the applicant has a legitimate intent to be utilized;
  • declaration containing details of the color being claimed in situations where the applicant is seeking to assert colour as a distinct characteristic of the mark.

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The term of registration for trademarks is 10 years. The registration period begins at the time of registration.

The trademark can be renewed for a further period of ten years, at the demand of the owner after payment of the renewal fee no more than 6 months from the expiry date.

Documents to Utilize

Application to Apply To Register A Trademark


The applications for registration of trademarks are sent to the Comptroller who evaluates the application and determines whether the registration requirements of this application have been fulfilled.

If you are planning to apply for a trademark registration in the context of various products and services, you need to submit a separate application for each type of. Services and goods are classified by the office based on the International classification of goods and services for the purpose of Registration of Marks in the Nice Agreement. Before filing any application person who is applying is in doubt and must inquire with the office on the manner in which his products and services are classified.

The Information You Need

  • the name along with the postal address and name of the person applying;
  • Name and address of the attorney or representative the address of the representative or attorney, in instances where the representative or attorney has been appointed.

The Document is required

Trademarks are any symbols that is capable of being visually represented and capable of separating goods and services of one business from those offered by another. A trademark can be made up from phrases (including the personal name of the person) or figurative elements. numerals, letters, or the design of products or packaging.

This guideline provides details on how to make a trademark application.

Other uses of the document/certificate

The owner of a trademark registered has exclusive rights to the trademark. These rights are violated by the usage of the mark in Malta in the following circumstances:

  • the use within the context of business is made using the use of a trademark that is the same as or similar to the trademark to products or services that are the same or similar to the goods or services that it has registered. Furthermore, there is a possibility of confusion among public, and the possibility of association with the trademark
  • the use within the context of commerce is made up of an indication that is similar or identical to a trademark to products or services that are not comparable to those that the trademark is registered, however the trademark is well-known in Malta and the use of it takes unjust advantage or can be harmful to the distinctive character of the trademark or the reputation for the brand.

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