How to Register with Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS) In Uganda

Register with Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS) In Uganda By Yourself

Uganda The National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS) is an national network of laboratory services that is mandated to provide management of this National health Network, to serve as the technical central point in Laboratory Services in Ministry of Health and is under the control of the The National Health Control Department.Or go to the site of their organization Uganda National Health Laboratory Health Network.

  1. The person who wants to sign-up at Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS) is able to reach the Network through their office or the secretariat in Uganda.
  2. One cannot perform the provision of any Laboratory or other services within Uganda without ensuring that he or she is registered and approved by Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories for that purpose.
  3. Any Laboratory that is qualified to offer technical laboratory services in Uganda as an Laboratory or Diagnostic practitioner. The practitioner can submit an application at the National Health Laboratory and Diagnostic Services for registration. Laboratory Network Laboratory Network, if satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements to be registered, may permit the registrar to register the Laboratory name in the registry.
  4. The application for registration must be submitted in the prescribed format and each application must be accompanied by a documentary proof of the qualification of the personnel in the Technical laboratory in addition to the prescribed fee.
  5. The registrar should not record in the Laboratory Register that of a Laboratory that was taken off a similar register in any country due to infractions committed by a technical Laboratory or person, without the council conducting a further inquiry to establish that the person is eligible to be registered.
  6. Once you have met the above requirements, then you can choose and fill the forms to apply for registration with Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories/UNHLS.
  7. Pay the fee prescribed in accordance with The Central public Health Laboratories.
  8. Fill out the completed form, along with your pay slip as well as other documents, as required by Central public Health Laboratories to the Network Officer. Network Officer.
  9. Take your registration certificate to your local Central public Health Laboratories where you submitted your application within 7 days of the date your application was submitted to the Uganda Central public Health Laboratories in the event of no rejection.
  10. When the laboratory is registered, along with the Technical Laboratory as well as for the Technical Laboratory practitioner, the registrar issues an official certificate to Central public Health Laboratories registered and sealed with the seal of Network the Certificate of Registration.
  11. It is possible that the Central public Health Laboratories may decline to register an applicant who is not eligible for registration due to inadequate standards in the Laboratory or insufficient expertise required by the section 17(2)may submit an application to Central public Health Laboratories for preliminary registration.
  12. The Central public Health Laboratories may deny the request in the event that they are of the view that the Laboratory does not conform to the standards and guidelines required to be a Health Laboratory , after inquiry and removal off the Central public Health Laboratories register the name of any Laboratory that is registered or provisionally registered. Laboratory

Required Documents For Register with Uganda National Health Laboratory Services

  1. Laboratory Practitioner license
  2. arrangements for diagnostic and health laboratory services that are to be offered across the entire healthcare system.
  3. A degree in laboratory technician education showing the date of their obtaining.
  4. License for both private and public practice Laboratory
  5. A brief report on laboratory areas of particularization.
  6. Experience gained and years of service in the field of Laboratory Practice.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Uganda Central Public Health Laboratory/UNHLS’
Plot 1062-106 Butabika road Luzira.
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+256) 414 – 230265
Toll free: 0800221100
Site: Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories

  • Scroll towards the very bottom of page. Contact information is available.


  1. Any person who has any of the minimum qualifications listed below will be able to be registered within the relevant category to which his qualifications are related.
    • An award of Master of Medicine or of Surgery or Bachelor of Surgery, or of Surgery or Bachelor of Bio chemistry granted by an institution established in Uganda under the law of Uganda;
    • A Medical or Laboratory certificate accepted from the Uganda Central Public health services to register.
  2. Alongside the requirements required under subsection (1) (1), the applicant for Laboratory registration must satisfy the network that has gained experience having completed a satisfactory period of internship at a hospital that has been approved through the Allied professional council.
  3. If an individual who has a degree that is not a degree from a school established in Uganda under law or by law, the Uganda central public health service might accept an experience that they consider to be equivalent to experiences specified in subsection (2) in the event that the person has a registration certificate that permits the person to practice in the country in which he or she was licensed.
  4. If a person who is who is applying for Laboratory certification is not an resident of Uganda and holds a degree earned from a school that was established in Uganda through law or other university recognized by the Allied Professional council, that person is qualified to apply for an interim registration, as could be required by Uganda Central Public Health Services.
  5. The supervisors of reference or standalone laboratories need to possess at least four (4) year of professional experience , as stipulated by the AHP Act.


Rurals Areas Level:

  • Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician/Technologist 50,000 Clinics
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist in 150,000 Hospitals
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist. 150,000 Stand-alone Labs.

Locality Level

  • Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician/Technologist 75,000
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist 250,000
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist. 250,000

City Levels

  • Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician/Technologist 100,000 Clinics
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist for 250,000 Hospitals
  • Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer or Technologist. 250,000 Stand-alone.


  • Valid for 12 months.
  • Processing time: one day.


  • The registration of medical labs is a legal requirement as per the authority granted to AHPC in section 29 of the Act that is designed to offer Ugandans with top-quality medical laboratory services that guarantee an accurate and reliable diagnosis that is the foundation of disease prevention and control.
  • The proprietors of a public Laboratory can be registered in the Uganda Health service Laboratories.
  • The Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories/UNHLS has been tasked to register all laboratory professionals and labs in Uganda.
  • Laboratories at all levels of health care and specialty centers should have a list of recommended tests that will satisfy the requirements of their patients
  • There must be clear guidelines for the safe and effective referral of samples or patients for laboratory tests.
  • Specialized laboratory services will be offered through CPHL, Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, UVRI, TB Reference Laboratory, JCRC, IDI, STD/STI/UTD, university laboratories, and other labs that are accredited.
  • All laboratories, even those found in hospitals and clinics must meet the requirements for registration in terms of equipment, infrastructure and staff.
  • Health facilities are only registered if the health center has a valid operating licence issued by the healthcare professional’s council.

The Information You Need

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. The date on which the qualification was obtained the institution.
  4. The place where the qualification was obtained, and the country/address of where it was obtained.
  5. Date of registration
  6. Name of the Laboratory unit
  7. The Laboratory Unit is categorized by the type of unit.
  8. The Laboratory Technician who supervises.

The Document is required

  • Uganda National Health Laboratory service (UNHLS) is the sole national accreditation body in Uganda which has the authority to recognize of Certification Bodies (CBs), Inspection Bodies (IBs) and Laboratories (testing and calibration medical, veterinary, pharmaceuticals and the proficiency test scheme’s providers) are qualified to perform specific task of assessing conformity.
  • UNHLS recognition of the medical references measurement laboratories allows the organizations to demonstrate expertise and international recognition.

Information that can be useful

At the national level , these are the laboratories with specialized expertise acting as national centers of excellence. They comprise the following:

  • Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL),
  • The National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL),
  • It is the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI),
  • The National STI/STD Reference Laboratory,
  • The Uganda Virus Research institute (UVRI),
  • The Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) as well as
  • It is the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS).
  • The national referral hospitals are located at Mulago and
  • Butabika expanded lab facilities.
  • Further reference facilities are planned for Mbarara University and Gulu hospital

There are some independent laboratories that stand alone are located in the private sector that are linked to private clinics and thus accredited by the UMDPC. In the public system include private labs at health centers and hospitals run by the non-profit sector , such as

  • Nsambya Laboratory and
  • Mengo hospitals Laboratory,
  • Kibuli Hospital Laboratory
  • Rubaga hospital Laboratory,
  • Lacor hospital Laboratory;

and in private-for-profit hospitals, such as

  • Kampala International Laboratory
  • Mayanja Memorial Laboratory,
  • Mbarara Community Laboratory,
  • Gulu Independent Laboratory and others.

There are numerous laboratories within private clinics and standalone private laboratories.

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Membership Benefits

  1. Access to a variety ongoing Laboratory Professional Development Programming
  2. Representation to other institutions.
  3. Access to low-cost financial facilities.
  4. Group indemnity insurance to Laboratory practicers.
  5. Labour and public sector relations guidance.
  6. Legal help clinic for Laboratory Technicians.
  7. Opportunities for joint investment in Laboratory Technician.
  8. Access to Uganda Medical Journal.
  9. Access to Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories and UNHLS newsletter..



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