How to Register with UPDF Wazarendo Sacco In Uganda

Register with UPDF Wazarendo Sacco In Uganda By Yourself

  1. The person who is interested in join the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces’ Sacco (Wazalendo) is able to contact the Sacco in their office or the secretariat in Uganda.Or you can go to their website at the link below WAZALENDO
  2. Every UPDF officer who is eligible to be eligible for Wazalendo Sacco Loan must be registered at Wazalendo Sacco and make an application to the Sacco to be registered for the Loan and, in turn, the Sacco after determining of the fact that an applicant has been deemed qualified for registration and has the authority to authorize an Sacco registrar to add the name of the applicant on the registry.
  3. The application for registration must be completed in the prescribed form. You are able to download the form by clicking this hyperlink The application form and all applications must be accompanied by a documentary proof that the candidate’s qualifications are valid along with the prescribed fee.
  4. The registrar should not record an individual’s name Army officer or any person who has been exiled from the Army on reason of conduct on the part the individual in the absence of the Army council having made a an additional inquiry to determine whether the individual is eligible to be registered.
  5. Once you have met the requirements above, you can choose and fill out the forms to be registered with Uganda Peoples’s Defence Forces Sacco Wazalendo.
  6. Make payment of the fee, as directed by the Sacco Administration.
  7. Complete the fully filled-in form with the pay slips and other documents, as directed from Sacco Administration. Sacco Administration.
  8. Take your registration certificate to your local Sacco Administration where your application was made within two working days from the time the application was received by Uganda People’s Defense Forces Sacco in the event of no rejection.
  9. After registration, the Sacco the registrar issues a certificate the person who has registered the registration, sealed with the seal of Wazalendo Sacco.
  10. It is possible that the Sacco Administration may refuse to sign up an applicant who isn’t eligible to be registered as a result of not being an Army UPDF officer. UPDF.
  11. Sacco Administration may reject the application. Sacco Administration may reject the applicationif it’s of the view that the Army council could, following an investigation, order removal from the Sacco registry that name or address of any registered or temporarily registered person
    • that is found guilty by any justice of law for an offence that involves moral or moral turpitude.
    • who are found guilty of misconduct in the workplace and is convicted of misconduct in the workplace by Army council;
    • Whose name was taken off the Army register due to reasons of being suspended of the Army.

Register online

  1. The application to sign up for registration with Wazalendo SACCO can be completed online via the wazalendo website URL Wazalendo Online Platform.
  2. Check out the online platform to make registration to the Sacco.
  3. On your dashboard, select the “Membersip and Governance” tab.
  4. click on Application form for Membersip or visit this link [ form to download the
  5. Fill in all the blanks to the last minute and fill in all the spaces provided and then submit.
  6. you will be contacted via either phone or email to make arrangements to pay for your registration. Also, you can select your registration certificate simultaneously.

Required Documents For Register with UPDF Wazarendo Sacco

  1. Application Formula
  2. 4 Passport photos
  3. Attested copy of address proof
  4. Attested copy of birth date. (passport copy, birth certificate)
  5. Affidavit signed before a Magistrate/Notary with the date and location of birth for semi-illiterate applicants.
  6. Army clearance Certificate
  7. The application form must be filled in and completed.
  8. ID Card of UPDF along with Army Number

Office Locations and Contacts

Wazarendo Sacco Headquarters:P.O. BOX 27251, Kampala.
P.O.Box 132 Bombo.
Tel: 256-041-4356221
Website:Wazalendo Sacco


  • To be eligible, the candidate must be an Army officer of the UPDF.


Costs to register Ugsh.10,000.


  • Valid for a long period of duration or until the time you are dismissed in the Army.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

Maximum Processing time 7 working days.

The Information You Need

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Number of the registered army.
  4. Date of registration
  5. Name of Barracks
  6. Category of Battalion
  7. The recommendation comes from Supervising Army officer.

Documentation is needed

  • SACCO is a shorthand in the form of Savings and Credit Cooperative which is a particular type of co-operative that offers financial services that emphasis on the mobilisation of funds and the provision of credit at a reasonable cost for its members who are also the owners and customers.
  • Members require this document to be considered for credit as well as the owners and users at the institution.

Information that could be helpful

  • Wazarendo Sacco is a ministry of defense and veteran Affairs (MODVA)and Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF)cooperative society that allows its members to unite and pool their funds (savings) to ensure that they can get credit (credit) to take part in productive pursuits to improve their well-being.
  • It was officially registered in September of 2005 and is the most prestigious and most impressive Sacco across the nation.
  • The SACCO was licensed and registered through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in accordance with the regulations in section 6(2) in the Cooperative Societies’ Act, Cap 122 of the laws of Uganda with an enrolment number of 7419 on 22 September 2005. WSACCO was first registered 30 (30) founding members. The number of members has increased to 80,000 in the last 15 years , making WSACCO the largest SACCO in the nation.
  • Wazalendo is currently operating 19 branch offices throughout the nation. They include: Jinja, Mbale, Moroto, Kotido, Kampala, Bombo, Kakiri, Entebbe, Singo, Kaweweta, Gulu Achol-pii Mbarara, Masaka, Muhooti, Arua, Masindi, Nakasongola and Mubende and the 4 liaison offices are Mburamizi, Kabamba Cantonment, Moyo and Mogadishu.
  • WSACCO has not just been a major factor in changing the lives of families and soldiers but also played a role in the socio-economic development of the nation through a variety of ways.

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