How to registration civilconservatories / district office or the administrative In Mozambique

Registration civilconservatories / district office or the administrative In Mozambique By Online

1.You begin by identifying an area-wide registration center. This could include civil registration conservatories , district office or administrative post.

2.If the child was born in a hospital, bring an official hospital birth certificate, or if the child was not born in a hospital, bring identification documents from each parent to an designated registration center. For children who were not born in in a hospital, go to the nearest hospital and get an immunization certificate for the child . Then bring this document to the registered center;

3.At the registration center, provide the required documents to an officer at the register to record. The information about the child’s birth is gathered from the documents submitted and then entered in the birth register. when no documents containing information on the child’s birth are available the registration officer will ask you a the question to which you’ll be required to respond;

4.After the data is registered in this register, the official who registered you completes a specific form, known as the Boletim de Nascimento. This form is given to you to prove registration, and that is also known as birth certificate.

Required Documents For Registration civilconservatories / district office or the administrative

1.Proof for birth (hospital birth record or baptismal certificate, vaccination certificate)

2.Identification documents for parents

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice

Avenida Julius Nyerere 33, Maputo

Telephone Number. : (21) 491-613/ 490-940

Fax: (21) 494-264


A child’s birth in Mozambique.


In the first 30 days of registration from date of birth is free


In effect for life

Processing Time

It typically takes one (1)


1.Applicants should be aware of the fact that not registering the birth of an infant is in violation of the child’s right to identity as a human being;

2.It is a legal requirement for parents to inform parents of the the birth of their child;

3.Registration must not extend beyond the period of thirty (30) day from the the date of birth.

4.Late registration can be made with a charge;

The Information You Need

1.Name of the baby


3.Date of birth of the child

4.Place of Birth

5.Particulars of each parent of the newly born (names and addresses, as well as the nationality of both parents, the occupations of both parents, and dates of birth of both parents)

6.The names of the grandparents.

7.Place where you live, location and district

Documentation is needed

The birth registration process is an permanent and official record that records the birth date of a child recorded by the State. In Mozambique there is a National Directorate of the Registries and Notary (Direco National de Registos et Notariado DNRN) manages civil registration, which encompasses birth registration. The Directorate has birth registration centers at lower levels that include conservatories for civil registration post, hospital posts district office, mobile brigades and administrative posts.

Information that can be useful

1.It is vital parents be aware they have the obligation to register newborn children and that a failure to register violates a child’s rights to ensure their identity. Children must be aware that a child who isn’t registered might not have access to certain public services within Mozambique in the future, when becomes an adult such as school enrollment or medical services. Parents must be aware that babies who weren’t registered could be subjected to age-related crimes in the future such as child labor or early marriages, as well as sexual harassment.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Registering an infant at the time of birth gives them an identity and is recognized by the state.

2.With birth certificates the child is able to use a variety of services offered by the government;

3.It shows the how old a child is;

4.A birth certificate reveals the true names of the child and parents;

5.It is a evidence of nationality since it identifies the place of birth.

6.A birth certificate proves the connection between the child and parent(s)

7.It is utilized to obtain important documents, such as national identity cards,

8.It is employed in the process for obtaining employment

9.Through registration data, the government is able to effectively manage the data of its population

10.With birth certificates the child is secured against child labor or under-age marriage, and other similar abuses;

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