How to Register a Trade Mark In Mozambique

Register a Trade Mark In Mozambique By Online

The process starts by checking whether there are any absolute grounds for refusal

  • Verify that the mark registered is protected (absolute reasons for refusing)
  • Some marks are not recognized as trademarks.
  • Examine if there’s trademarks already registered or are pending registration. If they are, they may be in opposition to the trademark’s registration It is possible to employ a professional to help you with this.

The process for applying involves the following procedures and formalities i.e. to ensure compliance with filing requirements. The classification process, i.e.,

Step 1: ensure that the product or services you offer fall in the class(es) that are listed in the application.

Second step: The descriptiveness the trademark, make sure that the trademark is used only to convey details on the products and services associated to the trademark

Third step: Distinctiveness trademark. You must ensure that your trademarks can be visually represented and distinct goods or services of a particular person or business from those belonging to other individuals or companies;

Step 4: Deceitfulness of the trademark make sure that the trademark is this kind of nature is not able to mislead the general public (for instance, regarding the quality, nature or geographical origins of products and services);

Step 5: be sure that the trademark is not in conflict with a prior or earlier registration, a prior application or rights that were previously unregistered through an authorized search.It takes about 18 to 24-months for Mozambique to file and obtain an official trademark registration certificate.
Following registration, the trademark is made public in the Official Gazette of the applicant to ensure no other person is able to claim the same trademark.
The period of opposition is 60 days beginning from the date of publication of the acceptance.

Required Documents For Register a Trade Mark

  1. The full name of the person applying
  2. Passport-sized photograph on white background
  3. Signature and address of the applicant’s address and signature
  4. Citizenship
  5. Name of the trade proposed to be employed
  6. The type of products or services that are listed in the application.
  7. The geographical source of the Trademark

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Industry & Trade

Praa 25 de Junho 300, Maputo

Telephone No. : (21) 352-600

Fax: (21) 352-669



Mozambican Customs

Praca da Marinha Popular

Maputo PO Box C.P. 272

Telephone No. : +25821315000


Anyone who starts an enterprise or engages in other activity is required to be registered at Mozambique Registration Service Bureau. Mozambique Registration Service Bureau. This is a requirement for company or an individual to register their trademarks in Mozambique.


Price for trademarks in Mozambique is the equivalent of 550 Euro.


The trademark registration process in Mozambique lasts for 10 years, and begins from the date of registration. The registration can be renewed for 10 years.

Processing Time

It can take between 18 and 24 months to process a trademark certification. The registration process lasts 24 months from the time of filing until registration. The period of opposition is three months following announcement of the Official Gazette. The protection is valid for 10 years from the filing date.


The law stipulates that any commercial or other business activities have been registered with Mozambique and also those with trademarks to protect them with registration.

Requirements Information

  1. Name of the person applying
  2. Passport size photo with white background
  3. Address and signature of the applicant
  4. Citizenship
  5. Name of the trade proposed to be employed
  6. The category of products or services
  7. In the case of a foreign business or a foreign company, a power of attorney or a form of authorization for Advocates of High Court of Mozambique will suffice.

Documentation is needed

Trademark registration Mozambique The country of Mozambique is a signatory of the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks (Act of Stockholm, 1967) and is a participant in the Madrid Protocol. Trademark protection is secured through registration. This is the procedure for registration of a trademark in Mozambique.

Information that can be useful

The process of trademark registration is the formulation of the list of list of goods and services.

The list of services and goods cannot be extended after registration of the trademark, however, it is only limited. On the other hand, it should be wide enough that it covers all goods or services that are used, however it shouldn’t be too general.

This can help keep disputes with older trademarks to a minimum and avoid oppositions from trademark office Trademark Office.

This will reduce time and expenses and will result in a faster registration.

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