How to Registration of a Political Party In Uganda

Registration of a Political Party In Uganda By Yourself

  1. The applicant should send an official letter to Electoral Commission stating their intention to sign up a political party and then make a reservation for the name, symbol as well as the colours and slogans of the Political Party as well.
  2. The candidate must then visit The Electoral Commission office and request an application form (form 1.) and the Declaration of Assets and Liabilities and specifics for the Political Party or Organization (Form 2.)
  3. The applicant must have completed the application forms, and be signed by a commissioner to take notary public oaths or oaths.
  4. The completed forms along with all the necessary documents copies with the election commissioner
  5. An electoral commission will consider your application once they receive it. A separate inquiry will be conducted to validate that your applications are authentic.
  6. A commissioner for electoral elections will publicize your application in the official gazette within 30 days after receiving your application. They will also invite any objection from anyone who is concerned with the registration of your political party in the 14-day period of publication.
  7. If all the data is in order and there is no public opposition The electoral commissioner will then be able to register the political party upon the payment of all fees within a period of six months.


  1. In the event that independent investigations reveal that it is determined that the Electoral Commission is of the belief that the details provided are not true or accurate—
    (a) (a) The Electoral Commission shall, within 14 days, notify of its opinion in writing . request the organization or party to justify the reason why registration is not denied and
    (b) A political group or the organization must respond by writing in the period of 21 days of receiving the notification.

Required Documents For Registration of a Political Party

  1. Two copies of the constitution of the party.
  2. Formula 1 and 2 must be completed by the applicant and signed by an official for oaths/notary public/commissioner for o
  3. A list of the complete details of addresses and names of all members in the group from at least two-thirds of all districts of all the main geographic areas that are located in Uganda and who are residents or registered voters within the district.
  4. Give a complete description of the identifying symbols as well as Slogans and Colours belonging to the Organization or Political Party
  5. Documentation of payment of registration fee

Office Locations and Contacts

Electoral CommissionHead Office
Physical ADDRESS
Electoral Commission.,
Plot 55 Jinja Road ,
Kampala Uganda, Kampala.
P.O.Box 22678, Kampala, Uganda

Public Relations

TELEPHONES:0414-337500 ,0312-262208/9/10/11
Fax:0414-337595 ,0312-262207
Toll Free Line: 0800200071

Nakapiripirit Electoral Commission
Address Nakapiripirit Uganda

Bukwo Electoral Commission
Address Bukwo in Uganda
Telephone +256779033133

Electoral Commission
Route Access to Address Kampala Uganda
Telephone + 256704664094

Uganda Electoral Commission Pallisa
Address Pallisa ,Uganda

Electoral Commission office Alebtong
Address Aloi ,Uganda

Uganda Electoral Commission Kagadi Branch
Address Ugand


  • A person or group that is looking to register as a political party in Uganda

Processing Time

  • Within 7 years if all the information is correct and there is no public opposition


The Electoral Commission shall not register any political group or political party which’s (a) Name or slogan, symbol, or colour is similar to that of an organization or political party that is registered or that is in contravention of (b) goals, objectives or constitution, infringe any laws.

Requirements Information

  1. The name or slogan, symbol, or color is similar to that of the political party that is registered
  2. An exhaustive list of the details of the names, addresses and phone numbers for at minimum 50 people belonging to the party or organization that are from at least two-thirds the districts in all the main geographic regions of Uganda that are listed as part of the 2nd Schedule. They must be residents or registered as voters within the district
  3. The constitution must be in two copies. organisation or party which have been signed by the authorised members of the political party or organisation.

The Document is required

Political parties are a group of individuals who share the same philosophy or the same political views and that field candidates for election trying to win their election and carry out the agenda of the party.

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