How To Registration of Car Ownership In Angola

How To Registration of Car Ownership In Angola

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  1. Make a formal request letter asking for the registration of your title of ownership to your car as your personal property. Attach the required documents.
  2. Go to this SIAC for the Integrated Citizen Service unit in the area you live in to submit your application.
  3. Select a control number password and wait until you get your turn. When your password is asked, walk over to the customer service desk and hand over an application form to the customer service representative.
  4. The official will confirm the authenticity of your documents to ensure they are accurate and will then process your application
  5. He will then enter the date and then register the vehicle as yours

Documents that are required Registration of Car Ownership

  • The Guide to Ownership of Vehicles released by DNVT
  • Application was approved by the car owner
  • Booklet photocopied
If the company:
  • Photographic copy of Identity Card of the Legal Representative;
  • A photocopy of the tax identification number
  • Tax registration proof

Office Locations and Contacts

SIAC – Integrated Citizen Service:Contacts: +244 923 619 156, +244 990 619 156, +244 222 691 904.
Faleconnosco Email:
Website: SIAC
All service units: link

How To Registration of Car Ownership In Angola
How To Registration of Car Ownership In Angola

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Citizens who have purchased the car they want to identify it as property


  • Please contact the authority in question for bank and fee information and fees.


  • Registration is valid up to the transfer of ownership

Processing Time

  • Within a single day

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Residence Address
  • Car details
  • Signature

Documentation is needed

  • Registration of the car proves it is the legitimate owner the property.

External Links

Ministry of Justice: JUSTICE

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