How to Renew a Passport In Ireland

Renew a Passport In Ireland By Online

  • If you’re an Irish citizen who lives inside the States, you must complete the form APS 1. The forms can be found at each Garda Station as well as in every Post Office that displays the “Service Plus” logo.
  • If you’re an Irish citizen who lives either in Northern Ireland or outside Ireland and are seeking the Irish passport, you must fill out the form APS 2. You can obtain the request form at the Irish consulate or embassy of the country you reside in (or the nearest consulate or embassy). It is possible to use the Passport Express service including forms is offered through specific UK Post Office branches in Northern Ireland.
  • Once you have received the form, be sure to go through the extensive notes included in the form, which will help you finish your application on time.
  • When you apply to renew an Irish passport, you need to include all the documents required when you submit your application.

Required Documents For Renew a Passport

  • Two photographs, of which have to be signed by a person who is a witness, in accordance with the directions included on the application form.
  • The photocopy page with your photograph of your current passport (if your current passport has validity for more than six months, you need to send the current version of your passport)
  • The correct cost
  • If you wish to alter the spelling of your passport to marry name, make sure you have your marriage certificate from a civil ceremony.

Office Locations and Contacts

Passport OfficeFrederick Buildings
Molesworth Street
Dublin 2
Tel:+353 (0)1 671 1633
Locall:1890 426 888
Fax:+353 (0)1 671 1092


Passport Office
1a South Mall
Tel:+353 21 494 4700
Local code: 1890 426 900 (outside of the (021) zone)

Passport Office
P.O. Box 9718


  • The applicant must also have the status of an Irish citizen to qualify for an Irish passport.
  • You can obtain a passport when you are at least 18 years old. If you’re under the age of 18 years old, you must have the approval by both of your parents, or guardian(s) in writing to obtain your personal passport.
  • Titles like Mr. Mrs Ms, Dr., Rev. Sir Lord, Lady, etc. are not included on Irish passports.
  • A passport can be issued under the marriage name of the applicant if an official certificate of marriage in civil ceremony is presented.


  • Standard 10-year passport, 32 pages (aged 18 or over) The passport must be 80
  • Large passport for 10 years with 66 pages (aged 18 or over) 110

If you apply in person at an Passport Office or by ordinary or registered post , the fees are:

  • Standard 10-year passport with 32 pages (aged 18 or older): 95
  • Large passport with 66 pages for 10 years (aged 18 or over) (age 18 and over): 125
  • If you choose to use The An Post’s Passport Express service, which promises you to receive an official passport in 10 business days you will have to pay an additional cost of 9 dollars per application. An Post also offers a “Family Application option that allows up to four passport applications for a family can be packed into one envelope. The additional cost for family applications is 15.50. The charge also includes shipping to and from the Passport Office. It is possible to use the Passport Express service through UK Post Office branches in Northern Ireland costs 6.
  • If you’re an Irish citizen who lives outside of Ireland and applying for a passport via your Irish consulate or embassy There could be additional costs for administration or handling charges based on the location you reside in. Be sure to confirm this with the Irish consulate or embassy in the country where you reside.


Irish citizens who travel that are not within in the EU must adhere to specific passport requirements and restrictions of the respective countries. This meansthat, for instance that if you travel outside of the EU your passport might require a valid passport for a specific time. The requirements differ from one country one, so you should you should contact the embassy in the relevant country prior to travel to get the most current details on these rules. We are unable to provide advice on the specific requirements of a specific country. You should make contact with the Embassy directly.

Processing Time

  • The Passport Express service ensures that correctly completed applications will be processed within the timeframe of 10 days.
  • If you send your application via regular mail it should take at least 8 weeks for the visa to process. As of June 30, 2013, applications sent via regular or registered mail will not be processed.
  • If you make a personal call to one of the Passport offices in Ireland Your application will take no less than two weeks to be processed.

If you need urgently a passport it is recommended to call for assistance with the Passport Service. Applications made in Ireland that include documents that you have traveled (e.g. airline tickets) will be processed within three working days.


    • No matter if you’re applying for an identity card for the first time or renew your current passport The application process is identical. It is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers an Passport Reminder Service which sends you an email reminder three months prior to the date your passport expires. You have to sign up to receive this service.
    • In the event that you want to apply for your new passport after the expiration date for your current passport The new passport will start the date you apply.
    • If you are applying from outside the State, apply using Passport Express. Apply at the closest Service Plus Post Office. In person applications at an Passport Office should only be carried out by those with an immediate plan for travel or need to travel due to a family emergencies.

If you are applying from outside the State, you must send the application in its entirety to the closest Irish consulate or embassy or drop it off at the closest Post Office that is a participant in the Norther Ireland Post Office if you are using Passport Express.

The Document is required

  • A passport is a globally acknowledged travel document that proves your nationality and identity. you can only get the Irish passport if an Irish citizen. The passport is a crucial legal document. It is essential that you must ensure your passport is kept in a safe location. Every Irish passport is issued with an unique identification number. it is essential to keep track of the number you have in case your passport is stolen or lost.
  • It is important to note that your Irish passport will be issued by Irish Government through the Passport Office located in Ireland. Irish passports can also be issued by Irish consulates and embassies around the world, and to whom you may apply if reside abroad.

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