How to Renew a Student Pass In Uganda

Renew a Student Pass In Uganda By Yourself

  1. The first step is to complete an application form to renew of the student pass. The form must be sent to the Directorate of citizenship and immigration control. Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control with proof of being the recommendation to reside as a student at the University of Uganda for a certain time time.Visit their website at their website at the link below. Directorate of Immigration
  2. The third step is to add the required documents to the Application Form.
    • Copy of the student pass.
    • Copy of the clearance to live and stay within Uganda (original).
    • A valid Valid Travel document that is valid (with validity of at six months or more.
    • any other document that could be deemed necessary to be required by the Directorate for immigration control and citizenship.
    • A copy of the expired student pass.
  3. Fill out the application form with the document required and provide an amount of 15-30 days before to renew. The student pass will be issued after a satisfactory assessment.
    • If there is a request to provide additional information as a part of processing an application, the immigration officer will make it in writing;
    • When it is satisfied that all of the requirements have been fulfilled then issue a letter intent to the applicant informing the applicant that they must:
    • Pay the Renewal student pass cost that is Ugsh.300,000 to the Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control.
  4. After the fulfillment of the above requirements , or in other circumstances the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control will:
    • Issue a New Student Pass to the student who is applying;
    • Inform the applicant in writing that the renewal request has been rejected and inform applicants who have been unsuccessful that appeals at the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control to seek reconsideration of the decision to deny is possible within 30 days of the date of decision.

Required Documents For Renew a Student Pass

  • Give the full name and address, including phone and email addresses of the applicant.
  • Individual references regarding the suitability and correctness of each of the directors and shareholders
  • The name and the curriculum vitaes of the applicants must be included to the application form.
  • Details of applicants must be included on the application.
  • A certified copy of the renewed student’s pass.
  • A student permit for non-Ugandans must be included on the application form.
  • Other information the directorate of immigration and citizenship control could require the applicant to supply.

Office Locations and Contacts

Director for Citizenship and Immigration control Uganda
Plot 75, Jinja Road
P. O. Box 7165/7191 Kampala – Uganda
Contact phone number: +256 414 595 945
Fax: +256 414 348 707
Site: Directorate of immigration
Email: Contact us
Web site: embassy and consulate all over the world


  • Anyone planning to renew an Student Pass , are eligible to fill out this application


  • The applicant has to pay a revolving fee of $60 to obtain an application for a student pass.


  • The validity period for renewing a student pass is one year.

Processing Time

  • The processing time for renewing the student’s passes is fourteen days.


  • The applicant must complete the application form prior to sending. Applications that are not completed will not be considered.
  • The applicant must supply accurate details when applying for this process.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Resident Status
  • Passport No
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile No
  • Email Address
  • Education qualifications

Documentation is needed

  • Students Pass (STP) holders who’s student pass has expired and require renewal must make an application for a fresh pass in the person within 14 days of the expiry date .
  • The next steps will guide you for renewing the student pass.
  • Visitors to Uganda must possess an active Visit Pass at any time during their time in Uganda.

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