How To Renew Driver License In Canada

How To Renew Driver License In Canada

  • Visit any of the driver licensing offices.
  • Two pieces of acceptable identification.
  • You must pay for the new license.

Documents Required Renew Driver License

  • Current Driver License
  • Primary identification documents or cards
  • Documents proving residency

Office Locations and Contacts

Driving License Office

What Are All The Eligibility

Current Canadian Driver’s License holders


5-year licence renewal – $75


The new license will be valid for 5 years after your birthday.


It is possible to renew your license for up to the period of six months (180 days) before expiring. It isn’t a way to reduce the validity of your license.

The document is needed

To continue to navigate the roads of Canada You must keep your driver’s license current. Your license to drive must be renewed when it’s nearing expiration.

Information that could be helpful

If your license expired more than three years ago, and you’ve not been driving, you’ll have to undergo a retest before you are able to renew. You’ll have for a pass on a road sign exam, screening for vision and a re-examination road test.

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