How to Renew Driver License In Mali

Renew Driver License In Mali By Yourself

  1. Visit to the Regional Transport Directorate at the driving licence section or the transportation subdivision located at the Cercle or Cercle minimum one month prior to the expiration date of your current license and
    • Gather the necessary forms and fill them in.
    • Attach all documents required (listed below) Attach all the required documents (listed below)
    • Submit the documents for verification and recorded.
  2. The file is then submitted to the licensing section, which is where it’s registered. It’s then it is sent directly to the cash desk (Aisse) in which you will be required to pay fee for application, and upon that you will receive acknowledgment receipt.
  3. The file is sent back to the license department and then to the director of the visa department to be checked and then affixation to the passport.
  4. The file is later sent to the license department and then transferred back to the computer rooms for input of data. The file is then verified by the agent responsible for validation before being returned in the room of computers to draw drawing an authorization document.
  5. The file is then forwarded to the national administration after being approved by the head of the division and then signed by the regional director.
  6. At the office of the national government The file is registered at the national office and the conformity of its parent files is verified.
  7. If the document is in compliance If it is, the director or deputy signs the document that document is then returned to the directorate for national transport within one month. The file is kept in the archive of the nation’s management. If the file isn’t in compliance, it is thrown out.
  8. The representative or the applicant must return to the office in which you submitted the application, as well as the driving license section, and bring identification card along with
  9. The representative or applicant should return to the office in which you filed the application, and the Gary Card section and present your identity card as well as an acknowledgement receipt for validation and issue a new driving license after paying the license fee.

Required Documents For Renew Driver License

  • The license that was issued before the expiration date is expired, unreadable or damaged.
  • A stamped application with the number 200 FCFA.
  • A proof of residence given by the police town hall or gendarmerie.
  • Four passport photos (color preferred).
  • A stamp from 3750 FCFA.
  • To be used for categories C D as well as E visit forms.
  • Identity card valid

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Equipment and TransportNational Directorate of Transport
Address: Dar salam – Mali
Telephone: (+223) 20 22 41 12/20 22 64 63


Registered drivers who need to renew their driver’s licence.


Application fee

  • Charges from National Direction of 3,000 FCFA
  • ANASER fee of 2 000 FCFA
  • Medical exam fees of for medical examinations are 6,000 FCFA


The renewal of the license does not apply to heavy-duty vehicles, but rather categories C D and E, that is , the typical transport vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles. The renewal is scheduled every five years until the age between 18 and 45 for the person who holds the license. Beyond four years, renewals are made every three years and, after 55, it is every two years.

NOTE: for permits A and B renewals are carried out only in the event of a need.

Processing Time

The processing time is one month.

Requirements Information

  • The full names of the applicants
  • Birth date/place of birth
  • Age/gender
  • You can renew the class or category you are in.
  • Contact details
  • Address of residence in Mali
  • Nationality
  • Old driving license information

Documentation is needed

  • Driving licenses are an official document issued by the government which permits a person to drive an automobile of any type on any road in Mali
  • It is illegal for anyone to drive a motorized vehicle in Mali only if he/she is the holder of a valid driver’s license or a provisional license which is endorsed for that type of vehicle.
  • Anyone who drives an automobile on the road must by law to have a driving license or provisional license at every time, and to produce it when asked by a police officer to undergo an examination.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A driving licence can be used as can be used as proof of identity/nationality.

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How to Renew Driver License In Mali
How to Renew Driver License In Mali



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