How to Renew Other Residence (Family and Student) In Oman

Renew Other Residence (Family and Student) In Oman By Online

1.) Fill out the renewal form either with a typewriter, or electronically, accessible on the website.

2.) Print the form that you have completed. You are able to print your visa application information if you have completed the form for visa application online. Log into the system with your application number and the reference key given upon application submission.

3.) The completed form is to be taken together with the necessary documents to the closest ROP Visa office. The sponsor must be present within the Sultanate.

4.) To enquire about the status of the Visa application follow link:

Required Documents For Renew Other Residence

1.) Two photographs of the size (4X6) centimeters.

2.) The original passport of the foreign country provided it’s valid for a time period that is not less than six months.

3.) Copy of the resident’s current card, which is accompanied by his children and family members.

4.) A copy of the Omani identity card for the Omani national in case he’s engaged to an international at the time of renewing his residence.

5.) A valid certificate of proof of an official certificate issued by the University or College in which it is stated that the foreign student is studying in the case students’ permits.

6.) If the application has been submitted by a person who is not the sponsor the person who is the representative has to be Omani and possessing a signed authorization from the sponsor, and certified with the Directorate General of Passport & Residence.

Office Locations and Contacts

Royal Oman Police Directorate of Public Relation

Phone: +968 – 24569392 Fax: +968 – 24562708

For Enquiries: +968 – 24512961 (Visa Services)



It is granted upon the request of an Oman-based sponsor and is his behalf to an international student who is visiting Oman for study in the event that the sponsor holds permission from the concerned authorities to set up the training or educational establishment.


The family joining visa is granted to the spouse of the foreigner who is a resident of Oman as well to the children of the foreigner who are less than (21) years of age. The visa is also given to the foreign spouse of an Omani citizen upon his request, provided with a letter from the authority concerned (Ministry of Interior) to confirm the validity that the wedding took place.

A family Visa is granted by the relevant authority at their discretion and on the request of an authorized local sponsor and under his responsibility to the families of the Omani national as well as the family members of the foreigner not part of the categories of applicants to apply for the Family Joining Visa.


The sponsor must be a resident of the local one who has full legal capacity. they are accountable for the truthfulness of the information provided on the request form.

1.) For children of employees Children of employees: Their age should not exceed the age of 21 in calendar year. (Note The residency permit expires when they turn 21.)

2.) Brothers and sisters should not have a minimum age of 18. A proof of their age that they do not have a family member outside of Oman is required.

3.) Family visas expire after the residence permit of the employee expires.


  • STUDENT VISA 20 Omani Riyals

Fines for late renewals or non-registration of residence permit are (50) fifty Omani Riyals (or a month).



Within six months of the date of issue.

The duration of your stay in Oman It can be anywhere between one and two years at the time of entry.

Validity of extension for a similar time for study continuation with an institution of higher education.

Entry number Multiple entries.


Within six months of the date of issue.

Validity two months from the day stamping the visa on the passport.

The Information You Need

1.) The kind of Visa you’re applying for.

2.) Passport details

3.) Personal information

4.) Sponsor details

5.) Previous Visa details

6.) Residence Visa numbers

7.) Other details (Occupation or academic qualifications etc.)

8.) Dependents of Passport

9.) Port of entry

Documentation is needed

All services related to passports identification cards, visas as well as residence permits and road permits, etc. are handled in the Directorate General of Passports and Residence. It offers its services at sea ports, airports and border posts , as also from its main office in the ROP Force Headquarters and the regional sections.

Directorate General Directorate General is entitled among its duties to ensure the legality of residence within the Sultanate by utilizing the stamp of residence and renewing residence in both private and public sectors.

Information that can be useful

Important notes to take note of before filling out the application form:

1.) Attach a copy of the applicant’s passport as well as other documentation.

2.) The applicants must comply with the regulations that apply to Oman. Sultanate of Oman, otherwise they could be the subject of legal inquiry.

3.) In no way is allowed to work for anyone other than their sponsor.

4.) In all cases , the Directorate Gen. of Passports & Residence has the power to deny the application without stating any reason.

5.) Applicants must be located in the Sultanate to renew their residence permits.

6.) As per article (16) of the Implementing Regulations of the Foreigners ‘ Residence Law having a valid entry visa doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to be admitted to the Sultanate. Passport & Residence officer has the power to deny entry on the grounds of public interest.

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