How to Renew Scholarship for Children of Ex Servicemen (PMSS) In India

Renew Scholarship for Children of Ex Servicemen (PMSS) In India By Yourself

After submitting an application to the Prime Minister Scholarship scheme, the award must be renewed every academic year until the end of the program.

  • Children of ex-servicemen may apply to renew their PMSS by clicking the link Apply Online
  • Before applying online Before applying online, download the annexures and fill them out Annexure 1., Annexure 2 Check that the format provided in the annexures is adhered to. The applicants should not design their own formats for these annexures. Only signatures signed by authorized individuals are accepted.
  • Be sure to have all the documents mentioned under the “Required documents” section. Originals that have been scanned must be uploaded.
  • Click here to sign in: Link
  • Make use of the user ID and password that you already registered when you apply for PMSS.
  • After successfully logging in After successful login, go to “PMSS” and then click “Renewal Application”.
  • Complete all the necessary information and upload all scans of the original documents.
  • Make sure you fill in all the required information and then click “Save as well as Forward”. Be sure to hit “Save as well as forward” when you’ve completed the application, or else the application will be displayed on the dashboard and not be completed.

Please choose the state’s name for the appropriate State Procedure.

Required Documents For Renew Scholarship for Children of Ex Servicemen

  • Annexure-1 (Bonafide Certificate signed by Vice Chancellor Principal / Vice Principal Dean/Associate Dean / the Registrar or Deputy Registrar as well as the Director/Deputy Director.
  • Annexure 2 ((Instructions and Certificate/Undertaking from the Student or ESM).
  • Annexure 3 (Aadhaar Linking Certificate duly completed and signed by the Bank Manager) (SBI or PNB ONLY).
  • Mark sheets from the original (both academic year and semester) released by the university. Mark sheets created by computers are cannot be posted online.
  • Annexeure 4 (Not for all students). The University’s signature on the certificate to be uploaded by students whose marks sheets are issued by the University upon completion of their entire course.
  • The first Page of Bank Pass Book or cancelled check leaf of the student (if the name and account number are printed).
  • Aadhaar Card of Student showing the name and address.

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact Information of KSBIssue that is related to various schemes, current status of the application:
KSB Helpline 011-26715250

To Change Password/Re-setting of Password/ Inaccessible to loginwebsite functionality and technical issuesrelated to Online Registration problem:
Technical Team at 011-26715250 Extension 215

JD (Automation) (only for officers of ZSB or RSB)
Tel: 011-26180646

for discussion of issues related to PMSS policy/ Information on PMSS.
Contact Team PMSS at 011-26715250 Ext. 223 and 223 &
Sainik Welfare Offices: Link Refer page no.24 for Zila Sainik Offices


  • Only students who achieved a score of at least 60% in the Minimum Educational Qualification (MEQ) i.e 10+2 / Diploma/ Graduation are eligible to be eligible for PMSS.
  • Children of ESM or Ex-Coast Guard
  • Students who are enrolled in diploma-level courses are not qualified

Applications submitted by students in the following categories are not accepted:

  • Students who have availed the benefits of PMSS prior to.
  • Students who are studying for their degrees in another country or via a online courses.
  • Students who score less than 60 percent of scores in MEQ. The total of marks earned across all subjects/all academic years or semesters will be considered and recalculated.
  • Students who are enrolled in academic courses or courses not included in the List of Courses offered by PMSS.
  • Students in the 2nd or later semester of program (except Lateral Entry and Integrated Courses).
  • Students who have previously taken advantage of a concession or scholarship from another source which exceeds the amount offered by PMSS


This service doesn’t require any charges.


The scheme of the Prime Minister’s scholarship has to be renewed annually throughout the duration of the academic year.

Documents to Utilize

Annexures to be used: Annexure 1 1, Annexure 2, Annexure 3


  • Be sure that your Mobile No and E-mail ID that you have provided to PMSS remains in use until you have completed the course, as all notifications and SMS regarding the how your application is progressing are sent to the account’s Mobile No and E-Mail. If you notice any changes you should inform KSB to ensure that the information are updated.
  • Keep your user ID and password safe to renew your scholarship during the next academic year.

The Information You Need

To register an account

  • Photograph of ESM or Widow (Soft Copy – Only jpeg/jpg/gif/png format, and maximum of 1MB.)
  • PPO Number
  • Bank Account Number (SBI/PNB)
  • ESM I/Card Number
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Date of birth Date of birth, enrollment date and day of release.
  • The date of the death from ESM (If appropriate)
  • Information about the Information about the Bank Account i.e. Bank Account Number, Branch Name, IFSC Code etc.

Specifications of ESM

  • Army Number, Class, and Name
  • PPO Number – Information about ESM
  • Category

Information about Student

  • Aadhaar Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • MEQ, Marks and percentage. Information about the student (All disciplines, make sure there is no top five to be picked)
  • Course duration, name, and address of the college Course approved by an authority or regulatory body.
  • bank account number(SBI/PNB) and bank branch and IFSC code.

The Document is required

  • This scheme was announced during the academic year 2006-2007. The aim of the scheme was to promote further professional and technical education for dependent children from Ex Servicemen / Ex Coast Guard personnel.
  • With these scholarships, eligible boys applicants could receive Rs.2500 per month, while eligible female applicants could be awarded Rs.3000 per month.
  • Candidates must regularly renewed the scholarship in order to keep receiving the benefits.

Information that could be helpful

  • The merit list of the selected candidates will be published to the KSB website.
  • This PMSS scheme is available only for two children from the ESMor Ex-Coast Guard.
  • Information about all children must be provided in Para 12 of Annexure 1. The information should be provided in accordance with the Discharge Book or Certificate of the Ex-servicemen or Ex-Coast Guard. In case the child was born after the retirement / release, an affidavit/self-certificate is to be prepared, scanned and uploaded by the Ex-serviceman.
  • Each year, 5500 scholarship are given out. They are equally divided between girls and boys i.e. 2750 each.
  • The scholarships are awarded over a period of between one and five years based on the program structure.



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