How to Renew your Driver License In Oman

Renew your Driver License In Oman By Yourself

1.) The applicant should personally go at the office.

2.) He has to fill out his renewal form.

3.) The applicant has to submit the form together with the necessary documents to the authority designated.

4.) The new license will be given to the applicant once the validity of all documents submitted is checked and the fees are paid.

Required  Documents For Renew your Driver License

  • For Omani Nationals 

1.) A renewal form for driving licenses.

2.) The expired license

3.) A declaration that states that the applicant is competent and unaffected by any condition which could hinder their ability to drive.

  • For non-Omani residents

1.) A form to renew your driving license

2.) The expired license

3.) A copy from the card for labour

4.) A copy of the Passport

5.) The sponsor stamps on the application form.

Office Locations and Contacts

Royal Oman Police Directorate of Public Relation

Phone: +968 – 24569392 Fax: +968 – 24562708

For Enquiries: +968 – 24512961 (Visa Services)

+968 – 24569501 (CID Services)

+968 – 24510227/228 (Traffic Services)


Holders of a valid Omani Driver’s License.


1.) Light driving license 20 R.O

2.) Heavy duty driving license 10 R.O

3.) Driving licence for trucks 10 R.O

4.) Driving licence for motorcycles 15 R.O

5.) Permanent driving license 40 R.O

Notification: Fee for Amendment of personal information of the holder is R.O 1(R.O. 1/1).


One of the main responsibilities that the Directorate General of Traffic is to ensure the security of road users everywhere. It is responsible for the tasks of vehicle inspection and licensing testing and certifying drivers, investigating traffic accidents, and the installation roads signs.

Documentation is needed

The legal form issued by the government, driver’s licence indicates a person’s capability to operate a motorized automobile like a motorcycle vehicle, car, truck or bus, on a roadway that is public.

The laws governing the issue of licenses differ across jurisdictions.

External Links

  • Royal Oman Police Website

  • Oman eGovernment Services Portal!ut/p/c5/hZDLDoIwEEW_xQ8wHVqey1YClgoEK4hsCAtiSARcGOPnW6ILwVhnlicnd-aiCqkdmnt3bm7dODQXVKLKrgmEAKnHY5NlPuAIC0tSgkGaip_sGn4MhZktDjEFTIog8nY28f23reGzbFkYKjvwLVc6ODRhYX9zZctIMMlNDGmGAbhLmOEJStRtL1vDP7M3dG9NfycscxIM-TL7m-tbk-1Q5xIdp7r19f0pMNmOfYuufa6mfPA1XT0BYArtNQ!!/dl3/d3/L0lDU0lKSWdrbUEhIS9JRFJBQUlpQ2dBek15cXchLzRCRWo4bzBGbEdpdC1iWHBBRUEhLzdfMzBHMDBPOUlNU0I5MTAyQkcyTE02UEhTTzMvbGlLZEc2MjI2MDAxNg! !/?WCM_PORTLET=PC_7_30G00O9IMSB9102BG2LM6PHSO3000000_WCM&WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/en/site/home/cr/cr2ctt/cr22/rendrivunglicense



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