How to Renew your Full Driver License In Ireland

Renew your Full Driver License In Ireland By Online

Required Documents For Renew your Full Driver License

  • Two passport-style photos that are identical on the reverse, each one signed by you.
  • Your most recent or current issued driving license. If your driving licence was lost or taken, you need to submit a lost licence declaration (Form D8.A) that can be obtained from the nearest Garda Station. The form must be submitted which is completed and signed by the Garda along with the application.
  • A medical report might be necessary. Medical reports are mandatory in the following situations:
    • you’re applying you are applying for Categories C C1, D C1, D1 C1E, CE DE or D1E, unless you have had a medical history which is still relevant
    • You must be age 70 or older on the initial day of the period during which the license is granted.
    • If you suffer from any of these conditions or disabilities
    • If you are suffering from epilepsy or you suffer from alcoholism
    • you frequently take medications or other medications that could be likely to hinder your ability to safely drive
  • Download a form for medical reports (D.501)(must have the form printed from back the original page). The form can also be obtained at Your Motor Taxation Office. A registered medical professional must conduct your medical exam and then fill out the form. The declaration must be signed at the bottom of your medical record form, in front of the registered medical professional.
  • An eye exam could be required if you don’t require contacts or glasses. You can download eyesight report form (D502) (pdf). You can also get it from the Motor Taxation Office.
  • The fee that is appropriate. If you’re applying to get your license by mail you can pay the fee via check, bank draft or postal order payable to the local authority. If you’re applying to get your driving license by person in person, then you are able to be able to pay in cash.

Office Locations and Contacts

Road Safety Authority
Moy Business Park
Primrose Hill
Tel:(096) 25000
Locall:1890 506 080
Fax:(096) 25252

Citizens Information Centre


You can apply for renewal of your driver’s license if:

  • You are a holder of a driving license which expires in three months.
  • You had a driver’s license expiring less than 10 year ago

If your driver’s license expires 10 years old or later the time limit for completing the driver Theory Test and then apply for a learner permit.

The time period the driver’s license is valid depends on the age of the driver. There are four age groups that the duration of the licence falls within.

  • If you’re younger than 60 and are a minor, you can apply for a 3 year (on medical basis) as well as a 10 year license. From 19 January 2013, the maximum time period is five years for a bus or truck driving license.
  • If you’re older than 60, but less than 67 You can apply for a license that expires on the day prior to the 70th anniversary of your birthday. The maximum duration is five years for a truck or bus truck driver’s licence.
  • If you’re older than 67 but younger than 70 you can apply for a three-year license.
  • If you’re above 70 years old and over, you’ll need the certification of fitness drive from your physician to be able to apply for a three-year license or a one-year license.


  • As of January 1, 2013, the cost for driving licenses has been as follows:
    • A one-year driving license costs 25.
    • Three-year driving licences cost 35.
    • The cost of a ten-year driving license is 55*
  • Five-year driving license since 19 January 2013.
  • Drivers who are over 70 may have their driving license renewed absolutely nothing.

The exchange of a driver’s license to show a different address or name is free however, the minimum age to add a category, the fee is 35.

The Document is required

It is mandatory to carry your driving license on you whenever you drive. Since January 19, 2013, it is the Road Safety Authority has responsibility for driver licenses. The main local authorities via their motor taxation offices make and issue driving licenses. It is recommended to submit your application in your local Motor Taxation Office nearest to your residence.

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