How to Replace a Lost or Misplaced Age Card In Ireland

Replace a Lost or Misplaced Age Card In Ireland By Online

  • Apply for your age-related card online. Link
  • Pay the fee in 10 installments using either a credit or debit cards, as well as an old card that you can buy at every Post office.
  • Within three working days of submitting your application, you will be provided with an application form that contains your information.
  • Fill out the application form along with a photo along with proof of your identity. You must also provide a report of the theft or loss of your card to the local Garda Station to be authenticated within three months.
  • This processing Garda will keep this information in the Garda Pulse System, and forward your request to the Printers.
  • You will get your Age Card in the next 10 days.

Be aware that you can monitor the status of your online application as long as you have the application number in 6-digits.

Required Documents For Replace a Lost or Misplaced Age Card

  • Birth certificate passport, or your GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) Card
  • Another method of identification
  • One recent passport-sized photograph
  • A credit/debit card , or the Age Card voucher (available from any post office)
  • Inform us of the theft or loss of your original credit card

Office Locations and Contacts

Local Garda Stations – Directory


Age Cards are available by those who reside in Ireland who are 18 or over.


Alternative National Age Card: 10

You must pay via the internet when seeking an age Card. This can be done using either a credit or debit card or an age card voucher that you can buy at every Post Office.


The expiry date is not listed for your Age Card.

Processing Time

You will get your application form within 3 days. After you have taken your application to the neighborhood Garda Station and then forwarded to the printers , you’ll be issued your Age Card within 10 working days.


If your card for age verification is stolen or lost, you must inform the closest Garda Station.

Documentation is needed

  • Age cards are issued by those who reside in Ireland who are over 18 to prove they have reached the legal age of buying alcohol.
  • This is a guideline on how to get a replacement for a lost or lost age card.

Information that could be helpful

The Age Card indicates:

  • The name of the cardholder
  • Birth date
  • A photo that identifies the cardholder
  • Security features that are relevant to the situation (such as a hologram made of metal embossed symbol, embossed magnetic stripe or magnetic stripe, etc.)

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Age card is an evidence of age card, but it is not an identity card.
  • The card is only used to prove that you’ve reached the legal age for buying alcohol. It shouldn’t be used to purchase alcohol or used for any other reason.

External Links

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