How to Renew Your Resident Permit In Norway

 Renew Your Resident Permit In Norway By Online

  1. The application process is simple. You can register for renewal of an authorization through the Online Application Portal Norway and book an appointment to present all the required documentation at the police station in your area. Authorities are not able to begin process your request until you’ve completed the process personally. To register to the Application Portal Norway:
  2. If you’re not able to access this Application Portal Norway, you complete a paper application form. You must then contact the police station in your area to inquire about what time and location to submit the application form as well as other supporting documents. Police renew the majority of permits. When the officers are unsure regarding whether your application is approved they will send the application to the UDI for review. The police are not able to decide on refusals.

Fast Track Processing

  1. You can access the Fast track procedure by logging on to Norway’s Application Portal Norway and choose F-code as the method of choice.
  2. It is necessary to schedule appointments with police before applying for a Fasttrack renewal to present the required documents. Be aware that certain police departments might have lengthy waiting time to book appointments. It is advised to fill out your application and make an appointment immediately after you have been issued an F-code.
  3. In order to speed up the handling the case provide all necessary documents.
  • If you own an Norwegian traveling document which has to be renewed, you need to submit a separate application to Application Portal Norway. Click on the Go to Application Forms to access the application form.
  • If you have an residence permit and have been doing so for three consecutive years You may be eligible as a resident permanent. If you’d like to apply for permanent residence permits you should not be concerned about the F-code.
  • If you’ve not received an F-code yet, you have to apply using the normal renewal procedure. If you’ve no F-code within 75 days prior to when your permit expires, it is necessary to apply for renewal via the normal process. The correct form by selecting the application form. The expiry date for your current residence permit can be listed the residence permit or on the stamp inside your passport. You cannot apply for an F-code through authorities or UDI.

Required Documents For Renew Your Resident Permit In Norway

Both applicants who fill out online as well as applicants who submit an application in paper form must take your passport along with other documents required in the Police Station.

  • If you fill out an online application then you’ll also need to make an appointment to hand in your paperwork at the local police station. It is not necessary to stand in line each time you arrive to your appointment.
  • If you aren’t applying online, you should inquire with the embassy to determine the time you can submit your documents with the application form.

After you have provided your passport and any other required documents, we’ll begin the process of processing your application.

It is necessary to submit:

In addition, you need to include the following documents in relation to the specific permit you are applying for:

Residence permits to work:

When you are applying to renew these permits, you are required to provide the same documentation when you first applied. To view list of which documents to hand in, follow link:

Office Locations and Contacts

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Address for mail


Postboks 8108 Dec.

NO-0032 Oslo



The email address can only be used to contact us if you have concerns about applications, regulations and procedures. Contact: for these types of inquiries.

Address to visit


Hausmanns g. 21

0182 Oslo



  • For general questions, contact the switchboard on +47 2335 15 15 00 between 8.0015.45 from Monday to Friday


Contact Information about


If you’ve received an text or email reminder

If you’ve been sent an email, text or other reminding you about renewal of your permit, it signifies that you are a holder of an permit that is able to be renewed. This does not need to require that you meet the requirements to renew your permit.

It is the majority of applicants who previously registered their contact information on Application Portal Norway that will receive an SMS or email. It is your responsibility to personally renewing your permit regardless of whether you’ve received an appointment or not.

Do not ignore this reminder if already submitted your renewal application on the internet, and already scheduled an appointment or provided documents.

A reminder message is sent to your email address or mobile phone number that you have registered on earlier applications. If you’re not the applicant and have nevertheless received an email or text message or text message, your contact details can be altered directly on the renewal form of Application Portal Norway.

If you’ve received an F-code in an text message or email

If you’ve received an text or email message that contains an F-code, you can renew your permit using the Fast Track process. This can save you time when you register your application and you’ll only need to go to the police station once.

If you’ve received an F-code following the fact that you’ve already applied for renewal, you can ignore the text message or e-mail.


Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

The time for processing a case varies between police districts and police district. If the police forwarded your application to the UDI for processing, you can find information about the expected case processing time by following the link:


If you submit renewal within one month prior to when the date your permit expires, you’ll be granted the same rights in regards to working, studying and so on. as you wait until to the Immigration Authority to process your applications, regardless of whether your permit expires prior to when you get an response from them.


  • The application will not be officially filed until you have submitted the required documents to the police. It’s not enough that you have registered your application via an Application Portal Norway. There may be a wait of several weeks for an appointment to see the police. It is recommended that the Immigration Authority recommends that you apply on the internet and schedule an appointment between two and three months before the date your current permit is due to expire.
  • If you don’t submit a renewal application within the time frame then you won’t automatically be allowed to remain in Norway in the same manner for the duration of the waiting period.
  • If you submit a renewal application after your permit is expired then you’ll be without any valid permit while Authorities review the application. If you apply too late, it could result in your residence no longer be considered permanent, meaning that you will need to wait a bit longer before being granted an permanent residence permit (previously known as the Settlement permit).

The Information You Need

  • Your personal details
  • Details regarding identity/travel documents
  • Details about the previous trips to Norway
  • The basis for the application
  • Time spent abroad
  • Information about Family members, especially if family members have submitted an application simultaneously with you
  • Criminal offence, if there is there is




Holders of Residence Permits permit individuals to reside in a nation of which the person isn’t an official citizen. Residence permits can be renewed.

It is necessary to apply for renewal by the latest month prior to the date your permit expires in order to preserve all rights. It is recommended that you apply for renewals up to three months before the expiration date. Immigration Authority recommends that you apply for renewal up to three months prior to the date your expiration date of your permit.

For EEA citizens (all residents of EUor EEAand EFTA states) and their families There are separate programs for them. To know more:



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