How to Renewable Energy Certificate In India

Renewable Energy Certificate In India By Yourself

The applicant should submit an application for registration on the Web Based Application and shall be able to submit the same information in physical form to the Central Agency.

  • Visit the central office of the agency for renewable energy.
  • You can discuss your requirements with the appropriate authority.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Send the completed application form with the necessary documents and the appropriate fees to the authority receiving the application.
  • The Central Agency shall undertake preliminary inspection to make sure that the that the Application Form is completed in every respect, along with all required documents, as well as any the applicable fees and charges for registration.
  • If everything is in place If all is in place, it is the responsibility of the Central Agency shall assign a unique acknowledgement number for the Applicant. Make sure to keep it safe to be able to refer back to it in the future.
  • The Central Agency shall intimate in writing to the applicant for submission of any additional details, if required, to consider the registration application or deny application.
  • The Central Agency shall grant ‘Certificate for Registration’ to the applicant as an ‘Eligible Entity’.
  • The particular code numbers for project-wise and entity-wise given will be used by the applicant (Eligible Entities) to communicate in the future in Central Agency. Central Agency.
  • The Central Agency shall also intimate the registration of Eligible Entity for particular RE generation project to the following entities.
    • The State Agency that hosts the State Agency
    • The hosts State Load Despatch Center
    • The Power Exchanges

Fill out an online application to apply for the India Renewable Energy Certification Online with Pictures

  • Visit the portal online: link
  • On the following page, please click “RE Generators” under”Sign Up” in the upper right-hand corner on the page.
  • In the provided page, fill in the prompts on the screen with relevant information, and then click the “Submit” to the end of the page.
  • A new screen that shows RE Generator’s successful sign-up confirmation will be sent.
  • Go back to the homepage. Choose the login option.
  • A login screen will prompt the users to enter their login credentials. Fill in the appropriate credits and then click “login” click.
  • An updated screen will be presented. Complete the session prompts in the order that you are required for “Owner detail Detail of Operator Station detail and connectivity …, Metering information Details on Clearance, General details Fees and Charges enclosures” in order and then press the “next” option at the end at the end of every session.
  • In the declaration session that follows Please fill out the required information on the page and then click on the “Submit to the Accreditation” button.
  • The user will receive a pop-up to confirm. Click the “OK” option.
  • The applicant will receive an acknowledgement form. Save it for later references.
  • The application will be handled by the appropriate state agency.

Look for the notice from the department, and follow their directions to complete the registration process.

Required Documents For Renewable Energy Certificate

  • Owner details
  • Details of the registered company
  • RE Generating Station details
  • Affiliation certificate issued from the State Agency. State Agency
  • Generating a schedule for the commissioning of facilities
  • Any other pertinent information
  • Aadhaar card

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Agency,B-9, Qutab Institutional Area, KatwariaSarai, New Delhi 110016
Telephone: 011-40234667
Contacts: link Contacts : link


  • A company involved in the production of electricity using renewable energy sources is qualified to apply


Non-refundable registration fees and charges as well as an annual fees/charges, according to Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission


Valid for 5 years, and must be renewed.

The Information You Need

  • RE Generating Station details
  • Accreditation certificate issued from the State Agency. State Agency
  • The schedule for commissioning of the facility is generated.
  • Any other pertinent information

The Document is required

  • Renewable energy certificate (also called renewable energy credits (also known as RECs) are energy produced from renewable energy sources like wind power or solar power plants.
  • Certificates of renewable energy (RECs) provide people, institutions, and companies an easy method to reduce their carbon footprint while also supporting renewable energy and clean energy.

Information that could be helpful

  • A REC that was sold once can’t be bought again.
  • RECs encourage the reduction of fossil fuels that cause greenhouse gas emissions as well as other pollutants

External Links

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