How To Rent a Home or Flat In Belgium

How To Rent a Home or Flat In Belgium

Use the directions which are given above to rent a home in Belgium and also to be registered at Belgium’s local registry office. This link will provide more information to use : More Information

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who is over the age of the majority (older than the age of 18) and all minors without guardianship can sign an agreement for a lease that is legally valid.

When the contract is concluded the property must satisfy the” fundamental requirements of safety, health as well as habitability”. The requirements are primarily applicable to:

  • The functions of the building
  • Stability and structure
  • damp
  • natural light and fresh air
  • fittings
  • Accessibility

If the property is not satisfy these minimum standards at the time that the tenant is looking to move into it, the tenant can:

  • Request that the contract dissolve (with the settlement of any damages, if needed)
  • The necessary work must be carried out. Until the conclusion of these work the court could allow an increase in the cost of renting.

Be aware that these rules are not applicable to a contract for renovation.


  • A lease agreement between the lessor and tenant could have been signed either in writing or verbally. From the 15th of June, 2007 however lease agreements have to be signed in writing. Each party must be provided with an original copy of the contract. In reality, there must therefore be at minimum three copies three copies: one for the lessee and one to the tenant, and one for the signing of the contract.

The following information should be included in a written contract

  • The identity of both the lender and the identity of the tenant and
  • the start date of the contract
  • A listing of all rooms and other parts of the building rented
  • the rental

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