How to Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport In Isle Of Man

Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport In Isle Of Man By Online

  • If you’re seeking a replacement passport, you must sign the application yourself at section 9 and then get an additional person to countersign your application in section 7. For passports for children The form should be signed and completed by the person who initially requested the passport. You must also include a confirmation letter of that the passport was lost from the person who initially applied for the passport that was lost.
  • Complete the application form with two identical, recent photographs which meet the requirements requirements of passport offices (all passport applications have detailed guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable). The applicants must also provide all documents required to complete the application process.
  • The application fees must be paid.
  • After it is received by the Passport Office receives the LS01 form the stolen or lost passport will be canceled. If you do find the passport, it is possible to not use it and is required to return it at the Passport Office.


  • It is advised for applicants to not make the travel plans until they’ve been issued their passport. Passport Office Passport Office will not accept any responsibility for any travel arrangements that the applicant booked prior to the passport was issued.

Required Documents For Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport

  • Application form completed
  • The two photos are recent and identical pictures that conform to the standards requirements of passport offices (all passport applications include detailed guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable).
  • The damaged passport is damaged.
  • Passports stolen or lost notice (LS01) Form (if appropriate)
  • The Passport Office may also ask you to provide additional documents like Birth or Marriage certificates.

Office Locations and Contacts

Isle of Man Passport, Immigration and Nationality OfficeGround Floor
Government Office
Buck’s Road
Phone: +44 1624 685208
Fax: +44 1624 685210


Applications for replacement passports will be approved only when you meet the following criteria:

  • a British citizen
  • In the Isle of Man when you make an application for the procedure
  • Born in the Isle of Man but currently located in the UK


Passport charges:

Replace a stolen, lost, and damaged passport of an adult

  • Service standard: 72.50
  • Express service for five days: 103.00*
  • Same day service: 128.00*

Notice: (*)Express services are available for stolen and lost applications however they are not available for stolen applications. Isle of Man passport office reserves the possibility of extending the period or deny the application, if necessary.

Pay methods

Standard service:

  • Public counter: Payments can be made using cheque, debit card postal order, cash or cheque
  • Post : Payments may be made in the form of check or postal payment

Note: All cheques must be payable to the ‘Isle of Man ‘ Government’.

Express service

  • Public counter: Payments may be made with an debit card, a post order or cash only.
  • Post : Payments are accepted by way of an order sent by post only.

Note Take note: It is recommended that the Passport Office strongly advise that an express service application be completed at their open counter. If an application is submitted with the incorrect payment method are returned to the person who submitted the application and not processed. In the event of a mistake, Passport Office will apply the express service as of the moment the application is entered into their system, not from the time the application was submitted.


A passport for adults can be used for a duration that is 10 years.

Processing Time

Standard Service

  • It can take about five working days to process a passport application with the standard process. The time it takes needed to complete an application can be extended during busy times especially during the school holidays.
  • The demand for express passport service of between 1 to five working days is the highest which means that the timing for regular applications is increasing, making it difficult to provide an exact time for delivery on the regular service. So applicants should examine the progress in their passport application to the Passport Office at least 5 days prior to departure. This allows them to select the express 5 day service in the event of a need, as opposed to using the more costly 1 day service.

Express Service

Applications made through this express program will receive priority.

Express services include: Two are offered:

  • The same-day service is available: Applications received prior to 12 pm are ready to be collected after 3:00 pm on the same day. Applications that are received after 12:00 pm will not be open to be collected until after 3:00 pm on the next day.
  • Five working days of service Application forms will be open to collect after 3:30pm on the fifth day of work for example, if an application is received on a Monday, it would be available for collection from our office the following Monday at the time of 3:30 pm.

You are not eligible to use the express service If:

  • If you are an adult, then who is applying for your first passport
  • You’re applying to replace a stolen or lost passport.
  • There’s an error or information is missing from the form.
  • The Isle of Man passport office will need to take longer to think about the complexity of the application
  • Events beyond the reasonable management of Isle of Man passport office

For more information about the express service, click this Link

After you’ve submitted your application to get your very first British passport, you must give yourself 6 weeks for your request to get your passport processed. you might be required to take for an interview.


In order to replace or repair damaged, lost and damaged passports, those applying have to fill out and fill out to the M1 Form for passport applications which includes complete instructions.

The document is needed

  • The passport can be described as a piece of paper issued by the national government. It confirms the nationality and identity of the holder in order to travel to other countries. It also contains details regarding the holder’s name age, gender, date and birthplace.
  • This document doesn’t alone grant the person who holds the passport admission into a different country, nor protection from consular authorities when traveling abroad, nor do they have any other rights. It does, however, permit the passport holder to be returned to their country from which the passport was issued.
  • The right to consular protection stems through international treaties. the holder’s return to country of issue is contingent upon the laws in the country.
  • Parents are no longer able to have their children register under their names. Children need to have their own passport.

Information that can be useful

The person who countersigns on the form has to:

  • Professionals are those who have a profession (including retirees) or someone of high standing within the community (for instance officials from the building society or bank such as civil servants, police officers and ministers of religious faith, as well as those with professional qualifications such as teachers accountants, engineers solicitors, and so on.) General practitioners and dentists are not able to sign forms of application for patients.
  • Have been in contact with them personally over at two years at. If the application is made for a child who is not yet 16 years old, they must have been acquainted with the applicant who is completing section 8 for a minimum of two years. Additionally, they must have personal acquaintance with the child, which means they have to be capable of identifying the photo that they have affixed as being the person who is named in Section 1 on the form.
  • You can live In The UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • You must have a valid British or Irish passport.
  • Complete the section 7 of the application form and provide the passport number.
  • Provide their address and contact information
  • You must certify either (not the other) of your photos by writing , I confirm that this photo is a genuine representation that you (your full name, including your the title) on it, and then signing and certifying it.

They should not:

  • You will be working in your organization’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS) or the Chief Secretary’s Office External Relations Division;
  • Are related to the person applying (by mariage or birth). This includes spouses, in-laws and step-parents.
  • You must be in a personal relationship with the person applying (this includes a sexual relationship)
  • Have the same address at which the applicant resides.

Getting your photos certified:
The person who is countersigning the images must be employed in an industry that is recognized or be a person in good standing within their community Examples:

  • Accounting
  • Airline pilot
  • Articled clerk of an limited company
  • An assurance agent from a recognized company
  • Officials from the bank or building society.
  • barrister
  • chairman/director of a limited company
  • chiropodist
  • commissioner of the oaths
  • civil employee (permanent) is not a person who works for IPS or for the chief Secretary’s Office External Relations Division
  • dentist
  • director/manager of a registered charity
  • director/manager/personnel offic



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