How to Replace a Passport In Uzbekistan

Replace a Passport In Uzbekistan By Online

  1. Then, report the incident to the police and request the police report in writing. You are required to show the report with your application for an additional passport.
  2. Visit the Consul’s Office and submit a complete application.
  3. Send the police report along with other necessary documents. Take note that you could be asked to provide additional documents. It will be best to call the Consular Office a phone call prior to arriving to confirm you have all the necessary documents.
  4. Make payment for the fee of application.

Required Documents For Replace a Passport 

  • Complete an application (in duplicate)
  • A copy of passport (if it is available)
  • Police Report
  • Photo: 2 pcs. (3.5 by 4.5 cm)

Office Locations and Contact

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Consular Department:100029, Tashkent str. Uzbekistanskaya 9
Phone: (+998 71) 233-45-01
Fax: (+998 71) 239-15-17

Documentation is needed

The passport can be described as a piece of paper issued by the national government. It confirms the nationality and identity of the holder in order to traveling abroad. It also contains details regarding the holder’s name as well as gender, date of birth and birthplace.

It is essential to carry your passport in your bag, particularly when traveling in a foreign country. In the event that it gets lost or stolen you can obtain a new one at the Consul’s Office.

This is the process on how to replace a stolen or lost passport issued by Uzbekistan.

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