How to Replace Loss Resident Identity Card In Macau

Replace Loss Resident Identity Card In Macau By Online

  1. If you’ve lost your resident identification card, you must notify the police in your area and request the loss report.
  2. In the next step, request a replacement identity card in the person of DSI by presenting the lost report where your name, your type of identity card as well as the card number is clearly displayed.
  3. Apply for a job.
  4. Send the completed form along with the lost report.
  5. Each applicant can choose to provide a 1.5″ current color photo with backdrop of white (equivalent to the standard photograph required for Macao SAR documents for travel) or submit the photo made on-site for free as the image for the card.

External Services: If applicants cannot make it in person to DSI in person the applicant or their family members may request “external services” by visiting the inquiry Counter located on the 1st Floor in China Plaza or write to the Director of this Bureau with the reasons. A cost for MOP120.00 will be paid to avail”external services. “external service”

Required Documents For Replace Loss Resident Identity Card

  • Lost report
  • If applicants are younger than 18 years old applicants must provide photocopies of the parents’ identity documents. They must be with one of the parents who signs the application form on behalf of the applicants;
  • If they are married, applicants need to present their original as well as a photocopy marriage certificate, as well as a photocopy the marriage certificate of the spouse in addition to an official transcript of the household’s registration is required for applicants and their spouses were born in Japan, France or Taiwan Region.
  • If they are divorced, applicants need to provide the original and photocopie of their proof of divorce;
  • If they are widowed, applicants need to present the marriage certificate as well as the death certificate of their spouse;
  • Candidates may be notified by the Bureau to bring additional documents to verify their identity.

Office Locations and Contacts

Identification Services BureauDepartment of Identification for Residents

Physical Address:
Avenida da Praia Grande,
No. 804, Edf. China Plaza,
1. Andar, Macau

Mailing Address: Macau P.O. Box 1089

Hotline: (853)28370777 / (853)28370888
Fax: (853)28374300


Office Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00pm
(Closed on Sundays, Saturdays and legal holidays)



Candidates who are not required to have a residence authorization may apply for renewal of the resident identification card 6 months prior to the date of expiration.


  • Renewal of Macao SAR Resident Identity Card MOP90.00
  • Express Service Additional charge MOP 150.00.
  • Special Express Service: Additional charges of MOP 250.00 and any supporting documents (e.g. flight ticket, etc.)) must be submitted in order to be considered for this application.
  • If an applicant is not able to present the original BIR regardless of moment of application or the collection Additional costs will be assessed in the following manner:
    • 1st time – MOP 300.00
    • 2nd time 2nd time MOP 300.00
    • 3rd time MOP 500.00
    • 4th time MOP 1,000.00
    • 5th time or more 5th time or above 2,000.00
  • Replacement of the former Macao SAR Resident ID Card costs MOP60.00. If applicants are replacing their previous Macao SAR Resident ID Card using an Macao SAR Resident Identity Card if they are unable to present the original BIR the surcharge in the amount of MOP300.00 will be charged.

applicants who do not have the financial capacity due to the following conditions are eligible to apply for exemption of application fees.

Conditions of Fee Exemptions

  1. Unemployment:
    1. The applicants must make a declaration and then sign it to state their status as unemployed and agree that they are guilty of crimes for making a false statements.
    2. Complete an Employment Registration issued by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).
  2. Poverty:
    1. The applicant needs to compose and sign a formal letter in order to request an exemption from fee;
    2. Send the original along with an imagecopy of the valid beneficiary card issued by IAS, the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).
  3. Disability:
    1. Applicants must make a written and signed declaration to acknowledge their financial incapacity;
    2. Send the original along with photocopies of a current Disability Assessment Registration Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).

Processing Time

  • Standard Service Standard Service: 15 working days starting the day of submission.
  • Express Service 10 working days beginning the day of submission.
  • Special Express Service: Within 3 working days following the date of the your application (supporting documents must be provided, e.g. flight ticket)..

Notice that processing times are only estimations.

Requirements Information

  • Name of Holder
  • Identity card type
  • Identification card number

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