How to Replace Lost or Damaged General Medical Registration Certificate in kenya

Replace Lost or Damaged General Medical Registration Certificate in kenya in online

  • Application for the replacement of damaged or lost medical general registration certificates are made online.

1. Get the Police Report

  • It is recommended to first visit an office of the police to inform them of the loss or damage of the medical registration certificate general. You will need to obtain an official police report from police officials, as a condition for applying.
  • Include this police report in your application.

Step 2 Step 2: Apply online

  1. A general practitioner who is registered is able to replace their damaged or lost General Medical registration certificate online through Kenya’s Medical Professionals and Dentists Council’s Online Services Portal through the following URL: KMPDC Online Services Portal.
  2. Log in to KMPDC Online Services Portal. Log in to KMPDC Online Portal for Services with your “Username or email address” as well as your password.
  3. After logging into your account’s homepage, click the “Registration ” tab on the menu left pane to access your next screen.
  4. On the next screen, click to”Replacement” on the next page. “Replacement “option to create the replacement request.
  5. On the page for replacement, click”Click here to make Replacement of Registration Certificate” or click on the “Click Here to complete Replacement of Registration Certificate”button to go to into the following page.
  6. Please attach the police reports that you have compiled and click on the “Save & Continue” button.
    • The result will be an invoice to pay fees for replacement applications to be issued.
  7. On the page for MPDC invoices “Click to Pay Now” Pay with this button for the replacement of annual General Medical Registration Certificate.
    • Pay the bill following the online instructions. Instructions for payment will be generated and automatically displayed within the portal. Further information on the Replacement charges to be paid can be found within section “Fee” section of this page.
  8. When you make the payment for the replacement an invoice for the payment and an invoice for the Replaced annual General Medical registration certificate will be created on the internet.
    • Note Note: Wait about 10 minutes before refreshing your invoice’s page. Once you have refreshed the webpage you will see the receipt as well as an l registration certificate that is ready to print.
  9. Click to the “Download Receipt “ button as well as the “Download Certificate “ Click to download the receipt of payment and replace the button to download the payment receipt and Replaced General Medical Practice registration certificate or.
    • Print the receipt as well as the replaced registration certificate, and save the receipts for future ref

required Documents for Replace Lost or Damaged General

  • Broken pieces of registration certificates (if appropriate)
  • A copy of the lost registration certificate If available
  • Photocopy of ID/Passport
  • The fee that is prescribed

Office Locations and Contacts

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists CouncilWoodlands Rd. Hurlingham, Nairobi.
P.O. Box 44893-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-720771478 | +254-738504112 |+254-202711478 | +254-0110097237 | +254-0110097238 | +254-0110097239
Site: Contact Information

what are all the Eligibility

  • A general physician who is registered in Kenya who has lost or destroyed their certification certificate, is qualified to submit a replacement application.


  • Replacement Fee Kshs.1,000


  • Registration is valid until practitioner is removed from registration.

Processing Time

  • It is immediately

The Information You Need

  • Information about the damage/loss on the certificate of registration.

Documentation is needed

  • A general practitioner has to be registered to be able to practice medicine in Kenya. It is illegal practicing medical practice in Kenya without a certificate of registration issued by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council. Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council.

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