Is an Electrical Engineering degree better than a Computer Science degree?

This was among the “senior-junior” evenings of interaction during the first year of my studies (at NIT Surathkal). One of the seniors was in their the final semester of Engineering. We (first second year undergraduates) were expected be introduced in complete Hindi together with our group.

I’m sure I was the last who introduced myself. The senior then said :

Whatever branch you’re in at the moment or how much enjoy it, at the end seventh grade you will all wish to work in CSE.

I believe he was right on this point. This doesn’t mean other branches aren’t good enough. They’re equally vital. However, most college students (in India) don’t choose an engineering career simply because they love it. They must choose it due to their scores in the entrance examination. Students simply want to be prepared for a lucrative and well-paying job.

  • CSE offers a wide range of job opportunities. Take a look at the job statistics of any engineering school. You’ll see that CS students are recruited quickly and earn higher salaries in the average.
  • CSE is not physically challenging not at all. Labor work for the CSE branch is easy. You can relax in front of the computer in an air Conditioned room. Other branches have plenty of physical work to complete. Have you observed mechanical people working in their workshops ? This helps make CSE better suited to specially skilled students.
  • It’s relatively easy to study on your own in CSE. A majority of the resources for learning are online and a large portion of the competitions, practice or hackathons are conducted on the internet. Therefore, your professors at university will not be the main obstacle in your education.

This question is probably applicable only to India.

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