How To Replace Lost / Stolen Passport Albania

How To Replace Lost / Stolen Passport Albania

  1. To obtain a replacement passport, applicants will need to submit their application in person to the Municipality/Administrative Unit or Commune where they are registered. The link is under the heading ‘Office Locations and Contacts’, which can be used to find an office for processing passports.
  2. The applicants will have to fill out an application form, and then submit it along with the initial Police Report for lost/stolen Passport with the correct information of the citizen or document.
  3. The applicants will also be required to show their ID card as well as police Self Declaration Form.

If you’re not from Albania

  1. For those who are not from Albania You will have to get a Police Report for lost/stolen Passport issued by the authorized agencies of the foreign nation.
  2. Visit the closest Embassy in Albania and submit an application to get the replacement passport. The link under “Office Contacts and Locations” to connect with the closest Albanian Embassy Albania within the nation where where you are currently in.
  3. Send the completed application along with the loss certificate as well as any other necessary documents.
  4. The application fees must be paid.

Documents Required Replace Lost / Stolen Passport

  • A Police Self Declaration Form is required to submit an applications for biometric passports for all Albanian citizens. To complete this Police Self Declaration Form, citizens must submit to the Police Station/Commissariat all the following documents:
    • Voucher,
    • ID Documents with Photos (ID Card and Certificate with photo for citizens less than 16 years old or if it is for a citizen over 16 years old, Certificate with photo).
    • Two photos of size 4 x 5 centimeters.
Notice: Police Self Declaration Form is sent along with a official letter from the police station/commissariat to the Civil Status Office in which the applicant will apply for a biometric passport.
  • Identification Document (Birth Certificate; ID Card; Citizenship Certificate; etc).
  • Original Police Report for lost/stolen Passport with the correct information of the citizen or document.

Office Locations and Contacts

ALEAT Offices

Albanian Embassies

What Are All The Eligibility

Albanian citizen


Albanian Post Office – Voucher Purchase:

  • Voucher to purchase Passport with a value of 500 ALL (15 calendar days).
  • Voucher for Passport that has Fast Track application procedure includes 18 000 All (2-3 Calendar days).


The passports for adults can be used for a period of 10 years. For citizens who are under 16 years old , the validity is five years.

Processing Time

Passport applications are typically handled within 15 business days.

If you’re in a hurry to apply for a passport, you could opt for the Quick Track application procedure that can take anywhere from 2 to three calendar days.


  • If you’ve never had the electronic identification card prior to you apply, you can also apply for one at the time you submit an application for the passport.
  • Passport applications for Albanian Citizens under 16 years of age must be completed in the application process and document retrieval in presence of the parents or legal representative, or authorized with a specific authorisation letters.
  • Prior to applying for a biometric passport through the normal procedure or fast Track the applicant must fill out an official Self Declaration Form at the local Police Station/Commissariat with which the local government has it registered and makes the an application-related declaration.
  • Candidates need to apply for the process in person.

Need to have the Document

This document outlines how to replace a stolen or lost passport issued by Albania.

Other uses for the document/certificate

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