How To Report Crime In Gabon

How To Report Crime In Gabon

Local Requests
  • In person, apply at your local police station.
  • Complete the application and submit a the application with a statement in writing.
  • Make sure you sign the statement or place a fingerprint on the front of the statement . it will also be noted on the reverse of the document.
Non-Local Requests

You can apply through the Gabon consulate or an embassy .

Documents that are required Report Crime

  • Completed application forms
  • A valid passport
  • 2 passport size photograph

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior, Local Collectives

Bote Postale 2233,


Phone: +241 (1) 761-44

Fax : +241 (1) 761-760-098

Ministry of Defence, Security & Immigration

Bote Postale 13493,


Telephone: +241(1) 780-835

Libreville Police a branch of the Ministry of Defense.

The police station in Libreville can be reached via

Phone : +241(01) 739-000.

Port Gentil Police a branch of the Ministry of Defense.

The local police force in Port Gentil may be reached by dialing

Telephone: +241 (07) 296-389.

What Are All The Eligibility

Any person who is 18 years old or over can file a police report crimes.


It is completely free in Gabon.


Valid until the issue is resolved

Processing Time

The processing takes place immediate.


  • Complete the application form and include all the details
  • Complete your application, including all of the necessary details, including your contact address.
  • The application will then be checked and a reference given to you.
  • You must report to the police even if you’re not the victim

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Citizenship
  • Address
  • Occupation
  • 2 passport size photos with white background
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue, date of expiry, place of the issue

Documentation is needed

  • As with other west African countries, Gabon is the most popular destination for children who are trafficked to other African countries with the intention of forced labour. Girls are typically targeted for domestic servitude, selling of goods, restaurant labor as well as sexual exploitation while boys are targeted for street hawking, forced street vending as well as forced labour at small manufacturing facilities.
  • Tier 2 Watch List – Gabon is listed on the Tier 2 Watch List for the inability to show evidence of a rise in efforts to fight people trafficking, especially in relation to attempts to convict and penalize trafficking offenders. The government has not released the verdicts or convictions of anyone who is a trafficker; the government did not take any measures to curb the demands for sexual acts that are commercially marketed. Urban areas that are crowded are especially hazardous at night, but incident during the day are regular. The presence of pedestrians in the street is not an indication of safety.
  • This comprehensive guide to help you learn how to report crimes in Gabon.

Information that can be useful

  • Beware of areas to avoid and the best security practices
  • It is important to note that the foreign Embassies in Gabon do not restrict the travel of their employees to any of the regions of Libreville as well as Gabon. Be cautious when traveling to popular nightlife areas in Libreville especially at night.
  • Visitors in Libreville, Port Gentil, and other regions in Gabon should take the same care they apply when visiting cities within the U.S. or Europe, to keep valuables from view or inaccessible windows, travelling in groups and avoid going out late into the night, and using safes offered for guests staying in hotels. To minimize the chance from being targeted for attack, travelers must adhere to strict security measures for themselves. Nighttime walking at night, whether alone or with a group is highly advised against. The public is warned not wear jewellery or to bring costly objects in public view. It is not advised to display large amounts money, flashy jewelry, costly clothing items, or mobile phones. Secure personal belongings (i.e. bags laptops, purses cellphones) Avoid displays of massive amounts of money as well as expensive jewelry.
  • The perimeter wall, the security personnel window grills, security lighting and alarm systems with emergency response personnel are crucial to ensure the security of residents.
  • Foreigners are warned to be cautious.

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How To Report Crime In Gabon
How To Report Crime In Gabon



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