How To Request for Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds) In Gabon

How To Request for Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds) In Gabon

What is the process to apply:

  • Visit to the Caisse Nationale de Securite Sociale (CNSS) office close to where you live and make an appointment at the desk for service.
  • Application form can be obtain at any CNSS branch office or download it via the CNSS website portal or click the link below to download:(Application form)
  • Fill out and submit the properly filled application form, along with documents supporting it (listed under the “Required documents” section) for processing and verification to the official in charge at the CNSS.
  • If the official authorized to do so is satisfied that the documents are in order , you will be informed of the results and given further instructions.

Documents that are required Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds)

  • Photocopy Birth certificate / Legalized additional decision
  • Social Security card for social security
  • Work-related certificate (s)
  • 2 Recent passport photo
  • Identification document (ID card/passport)
  • Pay slips
  • Employment or termination certificate
  • A sworn affirmation
  • Bank details
  • Individual civil status sheet;
  • Certificate of cessation from the last employer;

Office Locations and Contacts

CAISSE NATIONALE DE SECURITY SOCIALE (CNSS):Address: Boulevard de independence Gabon
PO BOX: 134 Libreville Gabon
Telephone: (+011) 791200
Number to fax: (+011) 746425
Website: website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Service is available to every covered by the CNSS.


There are no charges associated with this service.

Documents to Utilize

(Application form)

How To Request for Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds) In Gabon
How To Request for Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds) In Gabon


  • The form should be filled out in block letters. You must also attach a the declaration of earnings received in the past three to five years to be eligible for pensions, and any wages that were earned in the course of work to be eligible for payment of the contributions.
  • Each insurance time period has to be justified using all types of evidence such as employment certificates, pay stubs the hiring or termination certificate.

The Information You Need

Information about insurance

  • Names of the person applying/insured
  • Social Security number
  • Birth date/place
  • Gender
  • Country/nationality
  • The full name of parents
  • Marital status
  • Contact information
  • Address for payment
  • Employer-issued statements of salary
  • Declaration

The Document is required Refund of Contribution (Social Security Funds)

All members insured under the CNSS can claim a the refund of their contribution upon request, if they is no longer the ability for retirement to pay into the plan or do not require the benefit policy.

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