How to Report Crime In Uganda

Report Crime In Uganda By Online

  1. If you have to file a complaint about a crime, head to your nearest station to your home.
  2. The officer from the police station at the desk of service will register your information into your OB book.
  3. Obtain your OB number and when you filed your account. The OB number is utilized for future reference.
  4. They will also be sent to the scene of the crime that you have reported.
  5. It is vital to provide the correct information of the crime you’re providing to help authorities in their investigation of the crime.
  6. If you’re unable to personally report the crime You can get in touch with the by phone at the number given below.

Report crime online viaYou report crime online;

  1. Get the UFP MOBI app from Google play, and then register or sign in if already have an account.
  2. Click on the Report Crime section
  3. Enter the crime type as well as the specifics.
  4. Press Submit to transmit your report.

Required Documents For Report Crime

  • You could be asked to provide proof of your identity
  • Number for phone
  • Email address

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Katalima Road, Naguru
Tel: +256 414 233 814/ + 256 414 250 613
Emergency: 999/112
Fax: +256 414 255 630
Uganda Police Force emergency Contacts Regional Headquarters as well as district: Contacts.


  • Anyone from Uganda is able to report a crime.


  • It’s free to report crimes

Processing Time

  • As soon as you spot an act of crime, notify the police immediately.


  • If you want to file a complaint about a crime,, contact the police station in your area by phone , in person, or via UPF mobile app. UPF mobile app

The Information You Need

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Nature of Crime

The Document is required

  • It’s crucial to report any crime to an appropriate police station, to assist the police in maintaining the law and order as well as combat criminals.

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