How to Request for a Transcript for BAC or BEPC In Ivory Coast

Request for a Transcript for BAC or BEPC In Ivory Coast By Online

  • The applicant should go to at the Direction of Examinations and Competitions (DECO) and get a Certificate Approval, and authentication Subdirectorate office.
  • Visit the Department Sub-Directorate for Educational Examinations and Competitions Educational Examinations service desk to let them know you are interested.
  • Select the number for your control ticket and then wait for your ticket number to be called.
  • Send the request form together with any documents supporting it (listed in the following) to the official in charge to be verified and processed.
  • Make the payment at the local bank and you will receive a receipt.
  • If an authorized official is satisfied that all requirements have been met for the applicant, you will be informed of the decision and presented with the diploma or certificate within three weeks.

Required Documents For Request for a Transcript for BAC or BEPC

  • Print a request form using DECO’s website link. DECO website hyperlink
  • A document of identity (National identification card, identity certificate (passport, Consular card, or national identity card)
  • An image of the certificate of completion or the transcript of BEPC or the BAC (if it is)
  • Documentation supporting the request (registration certificate letter of recommendation other documents) justifying any urgency requirement.

Office Locations and Contacts

Direction of Examinations and Competitions (DECO)Department Diploma Approval and Authentication Sub-Directorate
Address: Boulevard Angoulvant, avenue Terasson de Fougeres following the Externat Saint Paul.
BP V 276Abidjan
Telephone: (+225) 20328217/20328742/ 20320074


  • Any person who applied for BAC or BEPC


  • Application fee of 1000 FCFA


The transcript is valid for a lifetime however, you may reapply in the event of it becoming damaged or lost

Processing Time

If all requirements are satisfied, the certification process is completed within three weeks of the date of receipt of the application.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Contact details
  • Nationality
  • Identification document details
  • Registration number

The Document is required

A transcript is a written record which contains all the information obtained through the examinations of the student throughout the school year.

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