How To Request Permit for Transportation of Corpse In Algeria

How To Request Permit for Transportation of Corpse In Algeria

Application procedure: National or ForeignersTransfer of body within Algeria:

  1. The authority for the transportation of a deceased body is granted from the President of the People’s Municipal Assembly of the location of death, in the event that an individual’s body from a deceased individual will be transferred to a location other that the one where the death occurred.
  2. The authority to transfer the body of an individual who passed away as a result from one or more infectious illnesses regulated by the regulations in force is granted by the wali in charge of the territory after having reviewed the report from the safety and health agencies involved
  3. The permission to bury granted by the head of the popular assembly communal of the death place is equivalent to the authorization to transfer the body within the area of the same wilaya.
  4. The applicant must visit the officers mentioned above and Verbally solicit assistance for the application and then submit the necessary documents to the register.
  5. After you have verified that all the documents are in order, you’ll be granted the permission to move the body.

Body transfer from Algeria to another country:

  1. The person or business authorized to transfer the body of a deceased person must go to the headquarters of the wilaya where the death occurred, completing all the necessary requirements
  2. Request assistance in writing for your application . Then, submit the required documents to the register.
  3. The minister of Interior will be immediately informed of the death of the person
  4. After confirming that all documents are in order, you’ll be issued the permission to carry those remains that belonged to the foreign citizen who passed away in Algeria to facilitate the transfer of his or her body to the country of their the country of.

The National Transfer Body from outside into Algeria:

  1. The person or company that is authorized to transport the body of an Algeria citizen to another country must submit the request to the Algeria consular or diplomatic office of the country in which the death occurred and comply with all the conditions that may be specified by the embassy.

Documents that are required Request Permit for Transportation of Corpse

Foreigners or nationals (body transfer inside the wilaya’s borders or outside of the wilaya):

  • Written request in hand, that is signed by the person who has been authorized to conduct the funeral including the name and surname of the person who died, as well as his age and the address.
  • A death certificate is issued by a physician in the case of natural dying (home or in a hospital).
  • Burial authorization granted from the prosecutor’s office in case of a death that is suspicious.
  • The applicant’s ID document
  • Birth certificate (citizens)

National(body transfer of another the country):

  • Birth certificate of citizen not issued by consulate
  • Medial letters issued by the health department (non-infection and non-communicable diseases)
  • The birth certificate of origin was issued by the nation issuing authority
  • Embalming certificate issued by funeral service
  • Transit permit
  • Certificate which states that the body was laid out according to the Muslim ritual
  • Airway bill (flight itinerary)
  • Document of identification for the person who died i.e. consular registration card Copy of Algerian identity card or passport

International Foreigners (body transfer to another country):

  • A written request from the family or the designated representative to this effect.
  • A document from the Embassy in the host nation, that authorizes the transport of remains to this country.
  • Request from the person responsible for the transportation of deceased bodies (funeral director, company, or any other person who is approved by the family members of those who have died).
  • A copy of the death certificates.
  • A medical certificate that is not infectious.
  • A burial permit is issued by the CPA’s president. CPA.
  • If you have a loved one who has died due to an accident or death that was violent or violent death, a burial Permit was issued by the appropriate Judicial Authority.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior:
Adresse :Palais du gouvernement, 01 Rue Dr SAADANE ALGER
Phone : +213
Algeria Consular and diplomatic representation in other countries : Info Info

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A family member, authorized person or business licensed to transfer the body of a person within Algeria or in another country

Processing Time

  • Within a week


  • The file for body transportation is controlled by the rules of the executive decree n deg 19 – 77 , of 24. 02. 2016 has laid the guidelines for burial, transportation of bodies and exhumation as well as reburial.

The Information You Need

  • Affidavit of applicant or details of company
  • The particulars that are afflicted
  • Death cause, the date and time of death
  • Nationality, gender, age of the patient

The document is needed

  • This document gives applicants a step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a permit for the transportation of corpses in Algeria and also abroad, for Algeria nationals and foreigners.

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How To Request Permit for Transportation of Corpse In Algeria
How To Request Permit for Transportation of Corpse In Algeria

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