How to Apply For Register with ian Financial Supervisory Authority in Egypt

Apply For Register with ian Financial Supervisory Authority in Egypt

Verify if you’re in bona-fide condition in relation to incorporation of a company and other documents that are required or prescribed.

  • Provide a list of the required documents.
  • Fill out a registration form of Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (Cost: 2,000.00) payable by bank draft in the name of Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Copies of completed application form (As applicable).
  • Non-Refundable Administrative Fee that is equal to 5% of the fees for the license and payable via bank draft at the time of the submission to the applicant form.

Required Documents For Register with ian Financial Supervisory Authority

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Tax Clearance Certificate, however in the case of a new company the tax waiver letter must be obtained and added to the form.
  • True and certified copy of Articles as well as Memorandum of Association
  • 2 passport pictures of an authorized representative
  • Certificate of technical staff who are qualified. (if applicable)
  • A completed application must be sent in duplicate, with all required documents and bound
  • The application fee for an application amount to 2000 Egyptian Pound
  • All payments are made via the form of a draft to the bank.

Office Locations and Contacts

Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority
The headquarters of EFSA
The headquarter of the EFSA located in Cairo (1)

28 Talat Harb street

P.O Box 25450 Cairo

Third and second floors

TEL : 25758807/25758423/ 25758822/25762994

FAX: 25758581/ 25758645

Note : This headquarters accepts all applications and provides services to clients through the Central Department for Market’s Services on the second floor. For more information, contact the call centerat 19053 .

The headquarter of EFSA is at Cairo (2 )

20 Emad Eldeen Street

Fourth floor, fifth floor and sixth floor

Cairo P.O box 618 , postal code 11111

TEL : 25798316/25772277/ 25798313

FAX: 25789312

The headquarter of EFSA is in Giza

Elmanstrli Towers Elbaher Elaazam street Giza

Second floor

TEL: 35737179

FAX: 35736721

Note : This office is not a place to submit application or form and doesn’t provide services to the public.

Smart village, building no. 5A 85 B

Kilo 28 Egypt Alexandria road

Giza province

TEL: 35370040

FAX: 35370041

E-mail address:

Note : This headquarters does not accept any applications or form for services provided by EFSA

What are all the Eligibility

All individuals or non-banking financial businesses that are located situated in Egypt that have different financial market activities in Egypt, are eligible to be registered with the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.


Fees for application on submission of the application are at the rate of Egyptian Pound.


Valid for 2 years

Processing Time

Processing time is 30 working days.


The Egyptian financial Supervisory Authority, is the body in Egypt that has a statutory responsibility of regulating and controlling the non-banking financial markets and instruments,including the Capital Market, the Exchange, all activities related to Insurance Services, Mortgage Finance, Financial Leasing, Factoring and Securitization. .

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority has the responsibility to effectively manage and coordinate the assign, allocate the registration, control and make use of the scarce resources within the non-banking financial sector , including financial services, mortgage finance, insurance.

  • Stability and Integrity of Non-Banking financial markets
  • Development and regulation of the non-banking market for financial services
  • Protection of the rights of participants and investors
  • Introducing various systems, methods that include rules, guidelines and rules that guarantee transparency and efficiency these markets.

It accomplishes this by controlling the operation of the insurance industry in Egypt in the hopes to create an efficient, impartial and independent regulator.

Every company applying for a license need to be registered with the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority Authority (EFSA).

The Information You Need

The most important information needed is as follows:

1. Name of the applicant (or the authorized representative)

2. Organization/Company.

3. The completed EFSA request form.

4. Certificate of Incorporation from the Financial Supervisory Authority, if the company is.

5. True copy certified by a certified official of memorandum and Articles of Association.

6. Tax Clearance Certificate

The Document is required

  • The Egypt Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) was created in accordance with Non-Banking Financial Markets and Instruments Law No.10/2009 with the goal of regulating and monitoring non-banking financial markets and instruments, which include the capital market and mortgage finance, as well as insurance financing, financial leasing, the factoring and securitization.
  • The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority is an official public authority, with legal status. It was created under the law 10 of 2009.
  • “The authority’s mission Authority is also to limit the risk of inconsistency and addressing issues that arise from the application of different supervisory regulations”

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How to Apply For Register with ian Financial Supervisory Authority in Egypt
How to Apply For Register with ian Financial Supervisory Authority in Egypt



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