How to Tax Registration (Individual) In Botswana

Tax Registration (Individual) In Botswana By Online

  1. To apply for tax Registration as an Individual resident in Botswana You must make an application for tax registration to Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS). Check out the BURS contact details by clicking this hyperlink: Link
  2. Download BURS 1 application BURS 1 at BURS office BURS offices or get it downloaded from BURS’s website: BURS Website: Link (APPLICATION for registration as an individual Taxpayer – BURS 1A)
  3. How to Tax Registration (Individual) In Botswana
    How to Tax Registration (Individual) In Botswana
  4. Complete the application in the manner required.
  5. Complete all required documents to support the application as specified in the “Required Documents” section below. Attach them to the application form.
  6. Visit the BURS office located in your locality and complete the form to the official in the registration service department.
  7. The officer will check your application to make sure it’s properly completed and forward it to the department for processing.
  8. The application will go through and your application will then be recognized as a tax payer through BURS and receive your tax identification number.

Application Online

  1. To submit your tax registration application for an individual online, you need to go to the Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) website to complete your application.
  2. Go to BURS’s BURS site: Link and navigate to the “eService” hyperlink in the bar of information, then click “eTax” to navigate to the login page.
  3. If already registered on the BURS, simply enter your username and Password to login . If you don’t have an account, click the “Register” button and you will be taken to the page where you can register users.
  4. Check out the terms and conditions in the BURS electronic Service, and click on “Select tax payer type” click the drop-down box just below “Register as” and choose whether you’re registered as an individual citizen or an Individual non-citizen
  5. When you select the type of taxpayer you must accept the terms of BURS by clicking within the checkbox, and then click upon the “Continue” button to take you to the verification page.
  6. Complete the required information in the confirmation page i.e. the date of birth, nationality Identification type, number and Security code
  7. You will be asked to provide copies of your ID document as well as a copy of the online application form to BURS to be able to electronically file your application via this email address: or you can complete the required information in person at any BURS office
  8. Get the e-service application form at the nearest BURS Office or by downloading it from BURS’ website: BURS site: Link (APPLICATION FOR E-Services Formula)
  9. Complete the form, and then attach an image of your identity document. Submit your form BURS via their email address at step 7, above,. You can also submit the form in person to any BURS office
  10. The application is processed within one week and you will then be provided with your BURS login credentials.
  11. Go ahead and log in to your BURS e-service profile
  12. Once you are logged in, proceed to complete the online registration form for personal tax registration. Then, submit your tax registration application.
  13. It will then be reviewed, and your name will appear on BURS and given a Tax Identification Number.

Required Documents For Tax Registration (Individual)

  • Complete the application form

Other requirements:

  • In case of employment an original photocopy of Omang or Identity Document and a residence permit and work permit need to be attached.
  • For those who are doing company, copies Form RBN A is required to be filed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS)
Plot 53976, Kudumatse Drive
Private Bag 0013
Tel: 363 8000 / 363 9000Fax: 363 9999 / 395 3101
Contact details: Link


  • Residents and citizens of Botswana with an income tax liability are able to apply


  • Contact the appropriate official to inquire about fees.


  • Tax registrations are valid for a lifetime

Documents to Utilize



  • Anyone who earns tax-deductible income must therefore register with BURS to ensure that their income is taxed and assessed when they file their tax return. The tax amendments of 2011 make mandatory for all individuals who earn more than P36000 per annum to be registered and submit a tax return, regardless of whether the sole source of their income comes from from employment that is taxed at source via PAYE.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant details
  • The next of kin or Guardian information
  • Information about business
  • Contact information of the representative
  • Bank account details
  • Declaration

Need to have the Document

  • Tax registration confirms that you have legally able to pay taxes by using the BURS as per Botswana law.

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