How to Tourism Licence In Botswana

Tourism Licence In Botswana By Online

What is the procedure to apply?Tourism operations are split into ten categories each one is required to have a distinct license (please check the Instructions section below here for additional details)

Application In Person

  1. To apply for an Tourism Licence, the applicant must visit the Department of Tourism headquarters office or the regional offices, (contact details listed below).
  2. Candidates must complete their tourism enterprise application Form; Forms are available at no cost on the desk of the Front Desk of each of the Tourism offices.Department of Tourism offices and can be downloaded directly via this link. Link {Application form)
  3. How to Tourism Licence In Botswana
    How to Tourism Licence In Botswana
  4. The application forms that have been completed together with all required attachments (mentioned in the section titled “Required Documents” section) may be sent in person or via mail/courier for submission to Department of Tourism for processing 3 weeks prior to the set “Tourism Industry Licensing Committee” (TILC) meeting.
  5. Only following the deposit of the entire file that the file for the application will be recorded and registered through the Department of Tourism office and transferred on to the Tourism Industry Licensing Committee for review and evaluation, which takes 30 days.
  6. The application is then evaluated by examining the documents and information which have been submitted and, if they are in compliance, the application is then accepted.
    • Note Note: the Vetting Committee may request additional documents when they feel they are required.
  7. The applicants will be informed about the decision made on their application through an email.
  8. The tourist license will get drawn, singed and stamped by an authorized official, and then is then available to the person who applied through the Department of Tourism office, in the location where the application was submitted with the payment of the prescribed cost and against their identity card and confirmation note.

Required Documents For Tourism Licence

  • The completed application form.
  • A Business Plan that is detailed (guidelines given).
  • An official copy of the certificate of incorporation, or an official duplicate of the Certificate of Registration of the trade name of the business.
  • Certified copies of shares certificates.
  • Businesses Proclamation i.e. Form 2.
  • Certified copies of the valid Omang or passports of shareholders, and for employees who are expatriate documents such as resident/work permit.
  • Lease agreement or title deed arrangement If the land was purchased to serve a different purpose than the purpose that you are planning to carry out, you need to apply for an alteration of use or planning permit from your local authority as well as the Land Board.
  • Specifics of the vehicle details. i.e. Road Worthiness and Vehicle Registration Certificates (Botswana registered) for categories C & E
  • The submission of an Environmental Management plan/Environmental Impact Analysis approved by the Department of Environmental Affairs (Categories A, B, and J)
  • Occupation Permit (Categories A & B)
  • Consent from the land authorities for sub-leases or rental agreements/transfers of title deeds/lease deeds/lease deed
  • Inspection reports that are satisfactory for the facility (department of tourism and environmental health)
  • Approved technical , building or architectural plans, for a construction project, such as a hotel or Guesthouse, lodge, camp or other. (Categories A & B)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the shareholders

NOTE This is because the Tourism Department reserves the right to request any additional documents as relevant.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism
Private Bag BO199 Gaborone, Botswana
Address Block 13064 Government Enclave
Tel: +267 3647900 / +267 391 4955
Fax: +267 3951092
Toll-free Number: 0800 600 734

Department of Tourism
2nd floor. Standard House
The Main Mall, Queens Road
Private Bag 0047
Tel. (+267) 3953024
Fax. (+267) 3908675

  • Ministry contact information: Link

Regional Tourism Offices of the Department of Tourist Contacts

  • Gaborone: (+267) 3953024
  • Maun: (+267) 6860492
  • Gantsi: (+267) 6596733
  • Tsabong: (+267) 6540833
  • Selibe-Phikwe: (+267) 2611023
  • Francistown:(+267) 2418192
  • Serowe: (+267) 4631161
  • Kasane: (+267) 6250357

Operating hours: 8:30 – 16:30, Monday to Friday, with the exception of on public Holidays.


The requirements for eligibility are as follows;

  • Categories A & B License

The service is available to all citizens and non-citizens living in Botswana except for the following tourist establishments: Guest homes (corporate guest houses, B & Breakfast & Breakfast), camp and caravan parks.

  • Categories C and E & F License

100% owned by citizens or wholly-owned citizen-owned companies.

  • Categories D, G, J, K & L License

Citizen and Non-Citizen.

  • Tourism I License

Companies based outside of the country


  • There is no fee for application. Once approved,
  • The cost of the license will be BWP 1000 or equivalent for the categories A/C/D/
  • The fee for licenses can be as low as BWP 1500 or the equivalent for the category B
  • The fee for licenses can be BWP 500 or the equivalent for categories F/E/
  • The fee for licenses can be BWP 1500 or the equivalent for the categories G/H
  • Category I licence fees to be paid include USD 2000.00 and/or Botswana Pula (BWP) equivalent.


  • This license lasts for 1 year and can be renewed every year thereafter.

Documents to Utilize

  • Link {Form for application)

Processing Time

  • Within 30 days of when the application has been accepted by TILC.


Tourism License Categories
Tourism operations are separated into ten categories that each require an individual license:

  • The License Facilities on fixed location including guesthouses, hotels, motels (including the corporate guesthouse) as well as bed breakfast and other self-catering accommodations and backpacker tourist accommodations camping sites, out of protected areas, and cultural villages, which include timeshare facilities.
  • B License Accommodation on a fixed location for hunting or photographic lodges and camps, and campsites for public camping or caravan parks that provide excursions and other outdoor activities, within wildlife management zones and protected areas, such as timeshare facilities.
  • C License Off-site facilities like mobile safari operators who receive passengers and tourists within protected zones.
  • D License Logistical and travel arrangements for clients who don’t have lodging (whether fix or unfixed) or any other services for tourists.
  • E license Transportation to tourist destinations, including transfers on roads outside of protected zones.
  • F Licence Motor-boating activities that are not part of protected areas private reserves, private reserves or wildlife management zones.
  • G License Other companies (excluding air charter companies and car rental) that engage in tourism-related pursuits (e.g. hot-air ballooning or cycling, bungee jumping, etc.)
  • H License Companies that provide mekoro (dugout canoe) activities.
  • I Licence: Foreign-based companies offering tourism-related services in Botswana. License holders are able to conduct business within national parks, but they must transfer their operations to an Botswana licensed operator in order to enter protected zones.
  • J License Houseboat operations: self-contained mobile accommodation on water bodies.

(Please look up the Wikipedia’s procedure website for all details about what to do for each of the licenses mentioned above)

The Information You Need

  • Name of the Company
  • The name used for trading of the establishment
  • Contact information (Postal Address/Physical Address/Telephone/Email/Fax)
  • Company Secretaries and contact numbers for them
  • Certificate of Incorporation no. date of issue
  • The primary activity of the company
  • The shareholders’ names and details in the corporation: (attach separate sheet if needed)
  • The Directors’ details of the company
  • The categories of licenses you are applying for
  • A declaration from the applicant

The Document is required

  • Every business, individual and companies that are involved in tourism in Botswana must be registered with Tourism Department of Tourism and obtain an Tourism Registration certificate or license.

Information that could be helpful

Refer to the following document;


External Links

  • Government procedure portal: Link



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