How to Tourism Visa In Belarus

 Tourism Visa In Belarus By Online

  1. Take all the documents you’ll be required to submit or provide in order to get a visa Check out the following list. There is a link under the section of sample documents that is available if you want to view an example application for a temporary tourist visa (in Russian).
  2. After you have the necessary documents and documents, click the link in the ‘Office Locations and Contacts’ to find information on the location of the Belarusian Embassy located in the country you reside. It’s best to contact them prior to when you arrive at their office to confirm the documents you need are in order. of the required documents, or in the event that you’ll need to schedule an appointment prior to your visit.
  3. Complete all the required documentation and pay the application fee.

Required Documents For Tourism Visa

  • Completed visa request form [The visa application form must be filled out in a legibly manner by hand or with the aid of a machine in the official language spoken by the host country of the foreign institution or in Russian or Belarusian or English. The answers to the questions of the visa application form should be accurate and logically consistent and clearly state the reason for the visit. The visa application form must be completed by the foreign national personally. The form to apply for a visa for minors is signed by their legal representative.[]
  • One photo; [the photo] must satisfy certain requirements within the internationally recognized standard ISO / IEC 19794-5: dimensions 35x45mm, with a full-face, with an even-light background High resolution and no ink or corrugation allowed, 70 – 80 percent of the image taken vertically, older than 6 months photos are not accepted.
  • A document for travel to another country or [a travel document from another country] that is signed by a citizen of another country must:
    • include a photo of the person who owns it. If minors accompanying those who are foreigners are included on the visa for entry, the travel document should include photographs of those individuals;
    • should have at minimum two blank pages that are intended to be used as visas
    • The document will be valid for it is at least 90 days following the date of expected the departure of a foreign national of Belarus. Republic of Belarus.
A document for travel to another country issued by a person who is a foreign national, cannot be questionable as to authenticity and ownership. and must not contain marks entry, erasures, entries and corrections that aren’t verified by the competent authorities of the foreign state. The document must not be damaged or torn pages.
  • medical insurance contract concluded with RUEBelgosstrakhorBeleximgarantor medical insurance contract concluded with any foreign insurance organization; [The medical insurance contract with foreign insurance organization must:
    • The name of an insurance company and a description of the location, number, and phone of foreign insurance organizations , or overseas assistance service, and the surname initial, middle name (if there is one) of a person who is a foreign national;
    • It is valid on the borders within Belarus; Republic of Belarus;
    • The validity of the permit is for a period of temporary temporary residence of citizens from abroad within Belarus; Republic of Belarus;
Insure the amount of indemnity in excess of EUR 10 , 000. A medical insurance agreement with a an insurance company from outside the country is confirmed with an insurance contract, insurance card, or any other document that contains the mentioned details about health insurance contracts.
  • Visa support documents One of the following original documents, for the time that is specified in the document but not longer than 30 days:
    • an application for an application of a Belarusian tourist company. It is issued on the letter-head bearing all the name and address of the company as well as its location and telephone number, and the assurance of the tourist organization that the tourist company will ensure compliance with the regulations of staying in Belarus. Republic of Belarus, sealed by the tourist organization;
    • An application for a treatment center or an improvement organization, which is issued on the letterhead with its complete name, address and phone number, as well as the purpose, duration of residence of a non-native citizen, the service provided and the an acknowledgement of voucher reservations, and either a full or part-time prepayment to receive the treatment, in addition to the guarantee of the health treatment center or improvement organization to ensure that the foreigner must comply with the regulations of staying in Belarus. Republic of Belarus, sealed by the institution;
    • the application of a rural tourism business that includes its address and name as well as the purpose, duration of stay of a non-Belarusian citizen, the services offered and the promise of the business to ensure that the foreign national is bound by the rules of residence in Belarus. Republic of Belarus and copies of the documents that confirm the legality of providing services in the field of tourism in rural areas.
    • With the prior approval of the consul, short-term visas for tourists may be obtained on basis of:
      • A copy of a properly filled-in application that includes an facsimile copy, or a copy sent via other methods of communication
      • the confirmation of booking an accommodation via facsimile or other communications channels, for a time of the confirmed reservation but not longer than 10 days.
  • additional documents needed for the admission visas (at an request from an officer from the consular department);
  • A confirmation of the consular fee you have paid.

For more details regarding required documents

How to  Tourism Visa In Belarus
How to Tourism Visa In Belarus

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Address: ul.Lenina, 19, Minsk 220030, Republic of Belarus
tel. (00375 17) 327 29 22
Send fax (00375 17) 020 42 50, 32745 21

Foreign Missions of Belarus


Visa-free regimes are offered to those citizens of the following countries:

  • Armenia;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Cuba (for an amount not more than thirty (30 days));
  • Ecuador (for a term not exceeding 30 days);
  • Georgia;
  • Israel (for the duration of not more than the period of 90 days);
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Macedonia (provided you have a personal invite or tourist ticket);
  • Moldova;
  • Mongolia;
  • Montenegro (for an amount not exceeding 30 calendar days provided that it is accompanied by a private invite or tourist ticket);
  • Qatar (for an amount not longer than 30 calendar days);
  • Russia;
  • Serbia (for an amount not longer than 30 calendar days);
  • Tajikistan;
  • Turkey (for an amount not more than 30 calendar days);
  • Ukraine;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Venezuela (for a term not exceeding 90 days).


Fee for application to a short-term Visa (type C)

Foreign citizens, not including the US, are further mentioned: (in euro)

  • single entry: 60
  • double entry: 90
  • Group single entry (per person) 10
  • Double entry group (per per) 15
  • multiple entry: 120

Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia: (in euro)

  • single entry: 60
  • double entry: 60
  • Group single entry (per person) 10
  • Group double entry (per per) Age: 18
  • multiple entry: 60

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland: (in euro)

  • single entry: 25
  • double entry: 35
  • Single entry group (per person) 10
  • Double entry group (per per) Age: 18
  • multiple entry: 60

Note: Detailed information on visa fees for specific categories of foreign citizen, for issuing visas in expedite manner, for payment benefits and exemptions you can find on the web-pages of Belarusian embassies/consulates.


Visas are issued for a period of up to 90 days. It could be single entry, double entry or multiple-entry.

Examples of Documents

Example application for a temporary visitor visa (in Russian, Wordpad)

Documentation is needed

As per by the Law of the Republic of Belarus On Legal Status of Stateless Persons and Foreign Citizens of Belarus Republic of Belarus of January 4, 2010, a foreign national can be admitted to in the Republic of Belarus, leave the Republic of Belarus and transit through the territory of Republic of Belarus with a foreign travel document. It is a valid passport or a similar document designed for travel abroad or issued by relevant authorities of the state that has the residence or citizenship of a foreigner , or by an international organization when there is a valid visa issued by or from the Republic of Belarus [visas of other countries are not acceptedin the absence of a specific exception in international treaties of the Republic of Belarus or by the rulings by the president of the Republic of Belarus.

External Links

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A period of 90 days may be double-entry, single entry, or multiple-entry.

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