How to Transfer of a Trade License In Botswana

Transfer of a Trade License In Botswana by Online

  1. License holders who wish be able to sell their license a different company or place should apply for the transfer of the trader’s license in the Town or District Council commercial affairs offices Contact details and address are listed below.
  2. Gather the required forms i.e. “Notice Form of Intention for Transfer of Trade Licence” and Application for Transfer District council offices for commercial affairs or follow the below links to download them;
  3. Complete the forms and attach them to the supporting documents “mentioned in the section on required documents below to be verified|” to be confirmed|.” to be checked} by the official who is in attendance at the District or Town council offices for commercial affairs.
  4. The official will verify the application and, if all your documents and information are correct, the official will issue an acknowledgement receipt with the details of your application.
  5. The application will be submitted on to the licensing committee for approval and processing . It takes five working days to process.
  6. Candidates will then be informed of the result via email or SMS. If your application is successful and you are able to go to your local Town or District council’s commercial affairs office. There, you submitted the application to and obtain the duplicate transfer trader licence following the payment of any applicable fees for licences and the acknowledgement slip.

Required Documents For Transfer of a Trade License

  • A certified photocopy of an authentic National Identity card (Omang) for shareholders, owners, or directors who have citizenship.
  • A certified copy of the passport working and residence permit for shareholders, owners or directors who are not citizens.
  • Registration certificate or Certificate of Incorporation and the most current Annual Return Form
  • A valid, satisfactory health inspection report. The report should be within 1-3 weeks.
  • Copy of the original license

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Trade and Consumer AffairsMinistry of Investment, Trade and Industry
Plot 54380
Central Business District (CBD)
Private Bag 00252
Tel. (+267) 3911233
Fax. (+267) 3975239
Ministry contact details link: Link

All the Local Authorities (District Councils) across the country . Contact’s link: Link

  • Hours of operation: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45-16:30 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Transfer of trader’s licenses are only valid to the following situations:

  • It is an wholly or citizen owned citizen-owned company from Botswana that holds a reserved licence for an unrelated citizen or wholly owned corporation owned by a citizen;
  • The licence is issued for specific premises, as well as other premises in the same area of licensing;
  • The licensee is dead and his heirs or beneficiary
  • the licensee is declared insolvent or has sold his estate, for purposes of his creditors to his trustees, or
  • The licensee is subject to any legal disability, as well as any legal representation.


Fees for application to transfer license:

  • Fee for application that is non-refundable. BWP 100.00.
  • License duplicates are BWP 100.00.


  • This license lasts for one (1) year, and is renewable after that time

Documents to Utilize

  • Link“Notice Form of Intention to Transfer Trade Licence”
  • Link Form for application to transfer a Trade license

Processing Time

  • The processing period is 5 working days.

The Information You Need

  • Name and address of the transferor
  • Name and address of the Transferee
  • Type of License
  • Physical address of new premises
  • Application deadline
  • Signature of the applicant
  • A declaration from the applicant

Documentation is needed

  • “Transferring the licence” is the process of reissuing a license for a business or trade to anyone not related to the person who has been a holder of the licence in respect of the business or trade.
  • The transfer of a trade license is not valid unless granted by the committee on licensing that is formed in the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry.

External Links

  • Portal of government service: Link



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