How to Transfer of Land Rights In Botswana

Transfer of Land Rights In Botswana By Online

  1. In order to be able to transfer rights to land, the plot must be developed to the fullest extent. If the plot isn’t completely developed, the person applying for the land must provide a reasonable explanation in support of the reasons why the land must be transferred in the direction of Botswana Land Board or Sub-Land Board office. Botswana Land Board or Sub Land Board office in the land’s control. Botswana Land Board or Sub Land Board Office Contact information Link
  2. How to Transfer of Land Rights In Botswana
    How to Transfer of Land Rights In Botswana
  3. The applicants are required to complete an Application for Transfer of Land Rights Form The Application Form and copies of the application Form are free at any Botswana Land Board or Sub Land Board office , or the Department of Land office. You can also download it from this Application Form Link
  4. The completed application form completely, along with the required documentation, as described below in the “Required Documents” section on this page, must be delivered at Botswana Land Board Botswana Land Board or Sub Land Board office within their respective jurisdiction.
  5. The officer who receives the file will ensure that all required documentation and details are provided and the applications meet the criteria for selection before making the application for evaluation and processing. This takes place within one month.
  6. The applicants will have to pay the prescribed fee , as stated in this page under the “Fees” section of this page. You can do so at the cash desk in the office of the land board and get a receipt for payment.
  7. Candidates will then be issued an acknowledgement note to show proof of the acceptance of their application.
  8. After the end of the processing period , which is in a month’s time applicants are required to visit the office of the land board at the time the application was submitted to confirm the decision.
  9. If the application is approved and the application was successful, you will receive the Land Rights transfer will be recorded and a land title is printed onto paper that is secured and given to the person who applied with their identification document as well as the acknowledgement letter.

Required Documents For Transfer of Land Rights

  • Copy of a certified photocopy of the legitimate National Identification Card (Omang) from both of the parties
  • Original grant certificate or lease agreement
  • Copy of the instrument which is signed in accordance with the Married Persons Property Act (proof of the Marriage regime in case you are married ) and Affidavit of Marriage if not married)
  • Absolute Decree and Court Order when appropriate.
  • Copy of Death Certificate in the event of widow orwidower
  • A copy of the Disability Card In the case of People living with disability (PLWD)
  • Copies of certificates of incorporation shares and Company registration Certificates for companies that have registered
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of Societies for Societies
  • Letter of representation (For Societies/Churches/Business) or Power of attorney in case of companies

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services
Department of land
Private Bag 00434
Address No. 1108, Plot.
AKD Building
Main Mall
Tel: (+267) 368 2000/361 5300
Fax: (+267) 390 4826/3913055
Toll-free: 080 060 0737

Hours of operation: 07:30 to 1245 and 13:45-16:30 Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.


The following are the criteria for applying;

  • Motswana
  • Non-citizens who have the permission of the Minister in charge of Land Management
  • Registered companies and societies.


P100.00 fee for transfer

Documents to Utilize

Formula for application

Processing Time

The processing time for the application is one month.

Requirements Information

Transferor Details

  • Full name and Company
  • Marital status and the marriage rules (for individuals)
  • ID No
  • Telephone No
  • Address (Home Village District)
  • Declaration (Signature of the transferorDate)

Plot Details

  • The Plot’s Site (Lot Number, Ward and village, etc.)
  • Present Us
  • Duration of lease (if applicable)
  • Attach sketch plan

Transferee Information

  • Full name and Company
  • ID No.
  • Birth date
  • Telephone No
  • Address (Home Village District)
  • Declaration (Signature of transferee/date)

Documentation is needed

This process involves the transfer previously acquired land rights to another individual or company.

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